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  • Johann du Toit

    Good article.

  • TerrorOfdemonrats2016

    Yes, both the Pope& President Trump must defend God’s people from the foreign criminals that sneak into one’s country to rape, murder, kill(by illegal drunk drivers), not to mention take the jobs of citizens through cheap labor.

    Restoring order is basically returning to God & His Commandments. So, both men of power must absolutely have

    number one as unabashedly, clearly and unequivocally & vehemently condemn the killing of unborn human beings

    that emotionally mauls their mothers, while condemning the racist &misogynist planned”parent”hood that targets

    poor & vulnerable minority moms to kill their babies and emotionally maul the moms for multi-billion dollar

    pro-abort profit, while forcing taxpayers to fund this modern day atrocity &human rights violation in the world’s only


  • Christina Long

    Good article. I agree, we do need Order through out the world. Evil is not only with the Jews and the synagogue, evil is also in the Catholic Church. The folder the pope gave Trump, was on global warming. Really! Someone needs to inform the pope and all the liberals, that God controls the thermostat. Just like mere man could not stop Katrina, Andrew, the tsunami, earthquakes any future disasters, they can’t stop global warming. The Church needs to get back to saving souls, preaching the good news, and bringing and uniting the flock. Let’s not forget, Our Lord died on the cross for the sinner.

  • Fatima

    Trump will never can see the truth of the Globalists-Jews and his evil terrorist-Israel friends. The cause of all problems in today’s world come from the Synagogue of Satan. Period. Everybody knows it. When the Pope and all the Bishops do the correct consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart, then peace will follow.

    Only then, the world will have peace because only then Russia will convert and other nations will begin to see the cause of all the problems. No way out except God’s way. Men must learn that. Everything else, just a waste of time and effort.

    The Fatima Message has never been heeded and obeyed by the Popes and the Catholics people even up to now. Catholics must repent first, do their penance, do their reparation to both Hearts and petition to the Pope, ask him to do his job. Very simple but the Catholics must do their parts.

    • lancer mitsubishi

      you are so right. I honestly believe that the synagogue of satan has some sort of leverage on the popes who have failed to consecrate Russia. What is this leverage I have no clue but the synagogue definitely has some heavy weight in their favor. Francis could have done the consecration this 100th anniversary but as a globalist modernist and possibly free mason but surely a socialist and communist he is following the powers that be and he WILL have to answer to God for the lack of action. Ie. the consecration of Russia. May the Almighty have mercy on his poor soul.

      • LiveFree47

        Just CONTINUE to PRAY the ROSARY as our Blessed Mother has been insisting and preaching to us for a long time! Continue to PRAY for the Holy Father: Pope Francis that he will find the courage to dedicate Russia to Her! In the meantime, try to be positive and pray as Jesus did and lead by example .
        May Jesus and Blessed Mother bless and give you peace daily!

    • LiveFree47

      Have a little more faith in Your President! Pres. Trump is guided by the Holy Spirit! The Lord put him in this position of World Leadership because this country could no longer have evil leadership representation and God forbid The Clinton Evil Machine would have won the Presential Election!
      “Thank you Lord, Creator of the Universe for Your Divine Hand in this serious life determining election! Continue to lead this young Nation of Western European background : our United States as You meant it to be! In Your Holy Name Jesus we humbly ask this, Amen.”