American Tradition, Family, Property: Fighting the Counter-Revolution

Addressing America’s Unresolved Questions


A review of Catholicism and the Shaping of Nineteenth Century America by John Gjerde, edited by S. Deborah Kang, Cambridge University Press, New York, 2012.




Land Reform in South Africa – a Desperate Search for Sanity Amidst the Confusion


Debate around the issue of land reform in South Africa is fraught with complexity and always emotive. Not at issue is the dispossessive and manifestly unjust promulgation of certain laws...

Archbishop Exhorts Ukrainian Soldiers to Combat with Christ for their Country


In a letter of support for Ukrainian military servicemen, Metropolitan Ihor (Voznyak) stressed that “we witness the coming of a new generation of heroes ready to sacrifice their lives and forget about comfort and calmness...




TFP Conference In Poland

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March-April 2014

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