Pope Francis’ Pressure on Colombia, and Legitimate Resistance

Pope Francis’ Pressure on Colombia, and Legitimate Resistance1.  Pope Francis’ meeting with President Santos and former President Uribe at the Vatican on Friday, December 17, 2016, to talk about the so-called “peace” agreement with the bloodthirsty FARC guerrillas was both surprising and most risky.

2.  A surprise summit, at least for ex-president Uribe, who stated he was summoned at the last minute with a call from a senior Vatican diplomat. No tickets to Rome were available at such short notice, a problem solved almost “miraculously” by some friends. Even so, Uribe barely had time to pack his bags and board the plane to Rome.

3.  For Vatican diplomacy, this is a risky gamble because, as can be seen from the press release issued by the Holy See press office Francis’ “support” for the so-called “peace process” with the FARC is all too clear. The pontiff emphasized “the importance of the meeting,” of “unity,” “reconciliation” and “education to forgive,” all of which sounded almost as an upbraiding and reprobation of former President Uribe and the majority of Colombians who had just rejected that “process” in a recent referendum.

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4.  We are not, as yet, privy to the inner workings of this risky move by Vatican diplomacy to pressure the consciences of Colombians to favor the semi-stalled agreement with the FARC. What is known is the current pontificate’s clearly pro-leftist stance at the political level, including what it says about communist Cuba, which has been documented in many leading international publications. Thus, this intervention by Francis in Colombian affairs can hardly be seen or interpreted outside that pro-leftist context.

5.  The delicate question that arises is can the Colombian Catholics who voted against the so-called peace agreements with the narco-guerrillas, in good conscience, disagree and oppose what clearly appears to be pressure from the pontiff. The answer is yes. Indeed, the pope is not infallible in political and diplomatic matters. Therefore, one can disagree with him in a respectful and well-founded manner, exercising a legitimate moral and principled resistance. Uribe himself addressed Pope Francis frankly: “You cannot impose all this on us, Your Holiness.”


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  • Sunisyde

    Francis needs to be in the business of ‘saving souls,’ after all isn’t this what he’s supposed to be doing is serving his Master? This is not the church of Bergoglio and for some reason, he can’t get this through his head..!!

  • Sunisyde

    Jorge Bergoglio is clearly doing what he does best, siding with the liberals, communists, socialists, Muslims, Martin Luther and anyone that fits his agenda, his way of thinking.
    In the Church, the Great Apostasy, which will spread throughout the whole world, will be brought to its completion; the schism will take place through a general alienation from the Gospel and from the True faith. There will enter into the church a man of iniquity, who opposes himself to Christ, and who will bring into her interior the abomination of desolation, thus bringing to fulfillment the horrible sacrilege, of which the prophet Daniel has spoken (MT 24,15)

    • Iris Monaco


  • Gresu

    Catholics do not call Jorge Bergoglio, your Holiness. It is the conciliar/post Vatican II Council 1962-1965 new religion and SSPX that recognizes him to be the Vicar of Christ. Mr. Bergoglio shamefully proved before his election that he is in conflict with the Total Deposit of Faith that has been safeguarded for 2000 plus years by the Roman Catholic Church.

  • Steve Gee

    Peace at any cost, is that the message? Does he really think you can negotiate with the Devil? Pope Francis seems to be leaning so left that he’s going to topple over and the Church is going with him if we’re not careful. The influence of the liberation theology he was exposed too in his homeland seems to be showing more and more every day. All seems to be done in the “spirit of St. Francis” and the gospel but it’s like those who oppose democracy, they skillfully use the system and it’s sense of fairness to distort it’s intent of justice to destroy. Prime example is “political correctness”.

    With a smile and a hug for the children gleefully held up by their moms in his public appearances, there seems to be such genuine innocence and the “soul of a peace maker”. God forgive me if I’m misjudging him but I’m not buying it !! I’m sorry but our Pope gives me the “willies”. Our leader and his associates need much much prayer for divine guidance and perhaps before it’s all over we’ll be praying for divine intervention. And yes, I do pray a rosary for him and the hierarchy of the Church every day for guidance and protection.

    • Sunisyde

      Wow! my sentiments exactly! and he’s a phony, far from being ‘humble.’ That’s an act!

  • Stewart Davies

    “… this intervention by Francis in Colombian affairs can hardly be seen or interpreted outside [a] pro-leftist context.” One of the founding fathers of liberation theology, the Brazilian Leonardo Boff, recently announced, with evident pride and satisfaction; “Francis is one of us.”

  • John Powell

    Considering that the current Pope is a Modernist and is a friend of the Masons, he has no right to tell a legal Government to deal with other organizations who will eventually try to take over the Government. Also, if the FARC guerrillas get the upper hand, there is no doubt that they will attack the One True Church in Colombia. +JMJ+

  • Laurence Coventry

    As a non Catholic I am thankful that my conscience is in no way tied by loyalty to Francis. I have been a regular follower of EWTN and the supreme struggle of Raymond Arroyos’ papal posse, Mr Royale and Father Gerald Murray, the canon lawyer, to reconcile the impossible calls for my sympathy.
    I am not impressed by Francis and Obama’s collaboration to whitewash the Castro regime at the expense of further oppression of Cuban Catholics, nor by Obama’s cancellation of the long held rights of Cuban refugees reaching America, which merely endorses this oppression.
    I believe the Jubilee year of Mercy was a blind to cover Francis’ nefarious intentions along the lines of Liberation Theology with its strong Marxist overtones.
    Nostradamus is difficult to understand , but his reference to an Olivetan became clear when Cardinal Ratzinger chose the title of Benedict, an order famous for growing olives. Thereafter it is not clear whether his successor is 666 or his predecessor. At any rate Nostradamus predicts no further.