Colombia: Biden, FARC, and the Lawless

Colombia: Biden, FARC, and the Lawless

Colombia: Biden, FARC, and the Lawless

A few weeks ago in the state of Cordoba, in northern Colombia, FARC narco-guerrillas laughed uproariously as they fired on a group of police officers they ambushed. Seven policemen were killed, and survivors narrated details of their assailants’ sinister laughter (El Heraldo, Colombia, 9/19/14).

This bloody mockery of law and order, which deeply shocked the public, is perhaps a symbol of the sentiment that inspires the terrorist group called the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) at the very moment they hold “peace” talks with the Colombian government in Havana over the last two years.

FARC spokesmen have just stated that “we have never been so far from defeat or surrender as now,” and the reason they “dialogue” with President Juan Manuel Santos is because he does not deem them to be “terrorists” (El Espectador, 09/22/14). Leaving no shadow of doubt about his intentions, they added: “No one at FARC has ever established or told the government that we will surrender our weapons, even for a moment. We repeat, no one will ever photograph FARC delivering their weapons.” And they concluded: “There is no such thing as surrendering our weapons, nor is it part of our language or dictionary” (TeleSur, 8/28/14).

This very serious situation and the mounting (and legitimate) doubts about the “peace” talks are such that in his recent visit to New York, in a lecture to the influential Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), President Juan Manuel Santos was obliged to declare that “unlike they have claimed in Colombia, we have nothing to do with Castro-Chavism” (web site of the Colombian Presidency, 09/22/14).

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Colombia: Biden, FARC, and the Lawless

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Meanwhile, the nation’s almighty Attorney General, Eduardo Montealegre, who has consistently prosecuted opponents of the “peace” talks has just proposed “introducing in Colombian legislation provisions forbidding the extradition of members of the guerrilla [movement]” (El Espectador, 9/23/14). In other words, he wants to make sure that the FARC narco-guerrillas are fully protected from outside powers.

Attorney General Montealegre went even further by noting that the Obama administration has made several “winks” to the Colombian peace process and that “the United States has sent a clear message of support for a negotiated solution to the conflict in Colombia” (El Espectador, 9/23/14). For his part, U.S. vice-president Joe Biden has just reiterated to the Colombian president the American administration’s “strong support” of the “peace process” with FARC (El Espectador, 9/23/14).

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What we are witnessing in Colombia is a curious strain of an American “neo-imperialism in reverse,” which actually benefits FARC on the diplomatic front. It would be extremely important for the Colombian congressmen who oppose this enigmatic “peace process” in Havana, to place objective information about the true intentions of the FARC at the disposal of their peers in the foreign relation committees of other governments in the Americas.


Javier González, Destaque Internacional, Wednesday, September 24, 2014.

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