Who Cares About the British Monarchy?

As the world delights with its first glimpse of the British Monarchy’s new heir, naturally no one is more proud and interested than the British. But they are not the only ones who care about the new Royal; Americans are … Continue reading

Cuba Attempts to Resuscitate a Dead Horse

Raúl Castro is allergic to private property, at least when it is someone else’s. With historical evidence demonstrating that every flavor of Socialism produced only economic failure, he seems to think that by shuffling bureaucrats and writing more regulations he … Continue reading

A Threat to Private Property in America

Martha Boneta, a local farmer from Fauquier County, Virginia, has engaged in criminal behavior by hosting a birthday party on her farm for eight 10 year-old girls. Her crime was not obtaining a land-use permit, and she has been threatened … Continue reading

Sowing the Seeds Of Failure

One local farmer from Akron, Ohio, seventy year-old Donald Bessemer, has stopped farming lettuce, corn, squash and peppers and will now only produce soybeans. His long time farm stand is now permanently closed and with it, thirty employees are out … Continue reading

The Offshoring Frenzy Hangover

For more than thirty years, manufacturing trends have favored the developing world and worked against the interests of the United States. Punitive federal and state laws and soaring labor costs coupled with unrealistic union demands made U.S. manufacturing increasingly difficult … Continue reading

The Rule Of: If It Feels Good, Do It

Almost everyone knows those who used marijuana at some point in their lives, and few claim that they have observed profound or lasting effects from the drug. So it cannot be that bad. After all, we live in a society … Continue reading

We Send Men to Fight Our Wild Fires

The tragic deaths of nineteen firefighters at a runaway fire in Arizona has led all Americans to rightly honor these brave men as heroes. These fine individuals were a part of a group of firefighters known as the Interagency Hotshot … Continue reading

The Crippled Helps the Lame

Former bus driver and union agitator Nicholas Maduro faces many problems as the new president of Venezuela. First, he must struggle to consolidate his claimed victory amidst allegations of an unfair election process. Next, with leadership qualities that amount to … Continue reading

The Delusional Quest for Equality

What started out as a joke in face of the never-ending discussions about “gendered” language in the University of Leipzig has been taken seriously by its board of directors and approved by its president, Beate Schücking. All professors are now … Continue reading

Cap-and-Trade Boom Goes Bust

As the global warming scare cools off, the European Union finds itself on the wrong side of a carbon credit boom that has gone bust. Back when global warming had some standing, Europe committed itself to lead the world in … Continue reading

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