Considerations on a Partial Victory

May 8th marks the 70th anniversary of Victory in Europe (V-E Day) ending a world war in a theater that cost an estimated 60,000,000 deaths of both soldiers and civilians. The war in Japan would continue until September of 1945, … Continue reading

Good Pro-Life News from Kansas

On April 28, a very important bill was signed that will do much to protect the unborn. Kansas Governor Sam Brownback signed into law the “Unborn Child Protection from Dismemberment Abortion Act.” This law forbids the dismemberment of the unborn … Continue reading

The Meaning of Loyalty

Historical examples of loyalty in times of adversity are inspiring since they prove that something that seems so difficult is in fact possible. One example that stands out is the case of the two sailors charged with caring for the … Continue reading

D-Day at 70: When Order Triumphed Over Evil

This June 6th marks the seventieth anniversary of the D-Day Normandy landings. While not the largest amphibious operation in history, it is perhaps the most significant. Europe was pinned beneath the boot of National Socialism, a godless, gnostic sect that … Continue reading

A Descent Into Hell

A Review of Escape From Camp 14 Escape From Camp 14 is a modern-day horror story that spans 224 pages revealing the atrocities of the atheistic communist North Korean regime. Its facts are related by one of the few escapees … Continue reading

Stand Up for Tradition

After having attended a sold-out and inspirational Handel’s Messiah, one was left to reflect upon the well-attended, enthusiastic and inspired crowd. In an age where much entertainment is reduced to sound bites and portable electronic devices, it was amazing to … Continue reading

Bringing the Homosexual Agenda to a Local Level

Generally speaking, the homosexual movement has had difficulty convincing the American public opinion on matters like same-sex “marriage.” Ballot initiatives across the country have handed the movement resounding defeats as can be seen in the recent North Carolina primary where … Continue reading

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