The Feast of Corpus Christi in Toledo

According to an ancient Spanish proverb, there are three Thursdays that shine more than the sun: Holy Thursday, Ascension Thursday and Corpus Christi. The morning is bright. I climb the steep slopes of the city on foot, panting. My car … Continue reading

Saint Peter Armengol

Peter Armengol was born in Guárdia dels Prats, a small village in the archdiocese of Tarragon, Spain in 1238. He belonged to the house of the barons of Rocafort, descendants of the counts of Urgel, whose ancestors were directly linked … Continue reading

Don Pelayo and the Reconquista of Spain

One fascinating aspect of the Old Testament is God’s intervention favoring those who do all they possibly can while facing overwhelming odds and counting on Him to do the impossible. As we read about David and Goliath, Gideon and the … Continue reading