An Exciting Program at the TFP’s Kansas Regional Conference

An Exciting Program at the TFP’s Kansas Regional ConferenceOn March 28, supporters and friends of The American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property (TFP) and its America Needs Fatima campaign gathered in Topeka, Kansas for their annual regional conference held at a converted fire station/conference center just a few hundred feet from the state’s Capitol. Attendees traveled from as far away as Oklahoma City, Kansas City and Wichita.

The speakers were James Bascom assistant director of TFP Student Action and Byron Whitcraft, national speaker and instructor at the TFP-staffed Saint Louis de Montfort Academy located in Herndon, Penn.

The first presentation offered by Mr. Bascom was about the history of the American TFP. Many are unaware of numerous actions of the TFP over the decades beginning in the mid-seventies. Due to time constraints, it was impossible to address every important action and campaign.

Mr. Bascom started by stating that the American TFP was founded based on the inspiration of the founder of the Brazilian TFP, the late Professor Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira. He then outlines some of the more historic campaign such as the fight against land reform in California in the late seventies.
Another very important historical campaign was against Planned Parenthood in New York City in 1978. Planned Parenthood had published a blasphemous cartoon against the Blessed Virgin Mary.

The American TFP organized a protest at their headquarters in New York. The protest was so successful that Planned Parenthood issued and distributed to the protestors a written apology.

TFP volunteer James Bascom gives talk on the history and major campaigns of the American TFP

TFP volunteer James Bascom giving his talk on the history
and major campaigns of the American TFP.

Mr. Bascom also spoke about the TFP’s campaign against self-managing socialism in France in 1981 and the ongoing activities of the TFP defending life and the family. Youth programs and conferences were also mentioned as an integral part of the TFP action.

After a light lunch, the second presentation was offered by Mr. Byron Whitcraft on the advance of the homosexual movement in America. His explanation exposed the ultimate motives and goals of the homosexual movement for both the state and, even more gravely for the Church. He cited writings and speeches that openly proclaim anti-Catholic doctrines and outline their strategies. His talk was very sobering and created quite a shocked reaction from the audience.

The final presentation was offered by Mr. Bascom on Common Core. There are many excellent presentations on what is wrong with Common Core. However, his presentation concentrated on the erroneous philosophical underpinnings that are behind not only Common Core, but all modern educational errors. He used the writings of nineteenth and twentieth century educators to show the process which led to Common Core today. His talk helped attendees understand what is really wrong with Common Core, behind the curtain as well as in the forefront.

The purpose of the talks at the regional conference was not simply to expose the negative and shocking aspects of the homosexual advance or Common Core, but rather to know and understand the essence behind these assaults on Christian civilization and then to move the attendees to action. Effective action must first be based on an authentic knowledge of what really is involved. Afterwards, such preparation provides the elements for attendees to act first in their personal lives, in their family life, among friends, and eventually in the public square.

As was so well demonstrated during the first presentation on the history of the TFP, when the good acts, evil backs down. The day ended with a blessing offered by a priest in attendance.

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