Crusade for the Church’s Liberty

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Regional Conferences Across the Nation

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Sept 21 – Los Angeles, Yorba Linda

After attending the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, we found a busy intersection in Yorba Linda near a shopping center. The caravan now has three new members: Mr. Matthew Shibler and his brother Michael and Mr. Jose Walter Ferraz. Out … Continue reading

Rekindling the Controversy

It seems Alma Lopez is at it again. When her computer collage titled “Our Lady” appeared at Santa Fe’s Museum of International Folk Art in February of 2001, it unleashed a wave of controversy that even now divides the city. … Continue reading

Conscientize, Conscientize

“An extremely rare ‘Social Revolution’ is being carried out in the United States,” affirmed El Mercurio (8-25-80), the newspaper with the largest circulation in the Chilean capital, on publishing a news dispatch coming from Los Angeles, California. The dispatch gives … Continue reading