Tell YouTube to STOP Recommending transgender Content to 4 Year-olds!

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Our children are being assaulted by the transgender agenda.

Tell YouTube to STOP Targeting Our Innocent Children!

YouTube Kids, a restricted mode that parents can enable to filter out inappropriate content, allows kids four years or younger access to videos that contain perverted pro-transgender content.

According to Fox News Digital, at least 120 of these videos can be found. Young children can search for such videos, and YouTube Kids even recommends these videos.

Protest YouTube for Corrupting the Innocence of Our Children!

A YouTube spokesperson speaking to Fox News Digital stated, “We have confirmed this content is appropriate for the YouTube Kids app, and our policies were developed with experts to allow children to learn about a broad variety of topics, including age-appropriate educational videos on sexual & gender identity.”

A few examples of these videos are:

  • “Gender Explained for Kids.”
  • “What Is Transitioning?”
  • “Kids Explain Pronouns.”
  • “Kids Meet A Gender-Non-Confirming Person”
  • “Meet a Queer Kid”
  • “History of the Rainbow Flag for Kids”
  • “History of Pride Day”
  • “The Meaning of Pride”

This is disgusting and should be taken down.

Such content should not be available to anyone, especially our kids, who are extremely impressionable.

Sign Here to Protect Our Children’s Innocence!

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To: Neal Mohan, CEO of YouTube

I am shocked at your company’s recommendation of transgender content to children as young as 4 years old.

This content promotes unnatural vice and immoral lifestyles.

I demand you take down the content and apologize.