Tell Marvel NOT to Release homosexual Spider-Man

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Marvel is at it again!

This company has been providing immoral role models for our boys for years.

However, now they have taken things to a new low by making a homosexual version of its iconic Spider-Man character. They just could not leave it alone.

Tell Marvel to Cancel Its Homosexual Spider-Man Character

The character, dubbed “Web-Weaver,” is set to debut in a comic being released in late September.

Although the comic itself is yet to come, a pre-released sketch of the character gives us an idea of where it is going.

The drawing shows a man clothed in a modified version of the original Spider-Man costume. The man stands in an effeminate position. In addition, the new costume features feminine eyelashes that further manifest the character’s immoral lifestyle.

Taking a principled, not personal stand.

This most recent attack specifically targets young boys growing up in an already-confusing world, making it that much worse.

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Touching on this point, the comic script’s writer had this to say:

“Something I realized immediately when conceiving Web-Weaver is that he can’t—and shouldn’t—represent ALL gay men. No single character can. His fearlessly femme identity is central to who he is, but it’s not the story.” (Emphasis added)

This outrageous development is part of a movement to develop role models for ‘LGBT children.’

What that really means is that big companies are trying to confuse and ultimately pervert our youth.

Don’t Let Our Boys Be Corrupted! Sign Now, and Tell Marvel to Stop IMMEDIATELY!

Before it is too late, please sign this petition, and force Marvel to stop its evil comic book from being sold. Don’t hesitate! We are counting on you!

Please Sign, Before It’s Too Late!

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To: Kevin Feige, President of Marvel Comics:

I am disgusted by the homosexual “Web-Weaver” character set to be introduced in your Edge of Spider-Verse #5 comic book.

Superheroes are often equated to role models by innocent young boys. It has been bad enough that Marvel has only provided immoral characters for them to look up to. However, by featuring a homosexual version of one of your company’s most popular superheroes, you will be doing an unprecedented amount of damage to their souls.

That fact is outrageous!

Homosexuality is a sin that offends God, and your comic book attempts to normalize immorality.

I demand that you immediately cancel the comic book before it is released!