Tell Disney to Stop Corrupting Children With homosexual Baymax

Disney is again attacking the innocence of our children!

Sign Here Tell Disney STOP Corrupting Innocent Children!

Disney released a new cartoon series on their streaming service, Disney+, called Baymax!. One episode depicts a scene in which the main character asks another man on a date.

How sick!

Taking a principled not a personal stand.

A leaked episode of the series also shows a male character wearing the colors of the transgender flag.

According to Common Sense Media, this show is rated for children as low as five years old.

Protest Disney for Corrupting the Innocence of Our Children!

The show openly promotes homosexuality and transgenderism. It exposes our children to unnatural vice and an immoral lifestyle. This series must not be shown to anyone, especially children.

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To: Bob Chapek, CEO of Disney


I am shocked at your company’s new show Baymax!.


It recently came out with an episode that promotes unnatural vice and immoral lifestyles.


I demand you cancel the show, take it down and apologize.