Tell Disney to Cancel New Movie Encouraging Witchcraft!

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The devil constantly endeavors to increase his sphere of influence in modern-day society. With the present rise of Satanism, it looks like he has achieved a degree of unwanted success.

And now, Disney is giving the father of lies a pulpit. In a new children’s movie, witchcraft is portrayed in a favorable light!

Tell Disney to Cancel New Movie Encouraging Witchcraft!

The movie is called Hocus Pocus 2. Its storyline focuses on the story of three witches harvesting children for human sacrifices. However, it is portrayed in a light, comical manner, thereby making occultism appear “not that bad.”

In fact, one reporter noted that this movie has gone a step further than the original. Heather Greene, with the Religion News Service, said the following about the film:

“Satanic panic is ancient history and modern witchcraft has fully emerged from the proverbial broom closet, legally recognized and accepted as a spiritual path and religion… The portrayal of witchcraft and the Sanderson sisters [the witches] in the new film had to change to meet the times.”

As Catholics, we know that occultism must be taken seriously. Curses and hexes have been known to cause demonic possession in people, including children. This movie attempts to normalize witchcraft, leaving our impressionable children in danger of accepting the occult!

The consequences of this will be catastrophic!

Don’t Let Disney Destroy Our Children! SIGN NOW!

We cannot stand by idly as Disney continues to introduce satanism to our young, innocent children!

Before it is too late, please sign this petition, and force Disney to cancel its pro-occult film from being accessible to our kids!

Please Sign, Before It’s Too Late!

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To: Bob Chapek, CEO of Disney

I am disgusted that you are allowing your company to release the movie ‘Hocus Pocus 2.’

The fact that this show normalizes witchcraft and other occult practices is disturbing. Even worse, however, is that this series will be accessible to impressionable children on your Disney+ streaming service!

This is outrageous!

I demand that you immediately cancel this offensive movie!