Tell Amazon to stop “Celebrating” Sodomy!

Sign Against Unnatural Vice
Amazon Is “#ProudOutLoud.” Sign Now Against Unnatural Vice, the giant online retailer, is towing the ‘woke’ line with their “#PrideOutLoud” page dedicated to being proud of unnatural vice.

Imagine the scandal this must cause!

How many people shop on Maybe most Americans regularly buy products from Amazon, and how many children will see this? All are exposed to this horrible promotion of sin.

Protest Amazon’s “#PrideOutLoud” Page

On their page, Amazon says, “We’re celebrating Pride and amplifying all voices of the LGBTQIA+ community.”

Celebrating Pride? That is a vice. No one should celebrate a vice, but even worse is being prideful about another vice, sodomy.

Taking a Principled, Not a Personal Stand

The page showcases “Amazon influencers” who promote homosexuality. These influencers can sway people to accept unnatural vice.

Protest Amazon’s Scandalous “#PrideOutLoud” Page

Scrolling down the page will reveal options to shop “Pride” fashions, beauty products, handmade products, music, movies, and books.

Amazon’s “#PrideOutLoud” Page Must Stop Giving Scandal

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Dear Andy Jassy, CEO of

I am scandalized by your webpage “#PrideOutLoud.” You promote being proud of unnatural vice. Millions of people shop on and may be exposed to this page.

In it, you promote influencers and “LGBTQIA+” themed products.

This is absolutely unacceptable, and I demand you take the page down immediately.