Sign Here: Dick’s Sporting Store Bans Guns but Gives $4000 to Help Employees Kill Unborn Babies

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What blatant hypocrisy! The same company that bans guns from many of their stores because they might kill people, offers to pay their female employees up to $4,000 to kill their child in an abortion.

Sign Now Against Dick’s Sporting Goods! They Ban Guns but Support Abortion

Dick’s Sporting Goods has announced they will “ensure that all of our teammates have consistent and safe access to the benefits we provide, regardless of the state in which they live.”

Women will be provided with up to four thousand dollars and may bring along a companion, to ‘accompany’ them to kill their child through abortion.

Sign Now! Dick’s Sporting Goods Bans Guns but Supports Abortion

While offering to help women obtain abortions, Dick’s cuts the number of their stores that sell guns because a gun could be used by a criminal to kill someone. It is another ‘woke’ move in the liberal ‘virtue signaling’ race. They don’t seem to be phased when babies are killed during an abortion. They even help foot the bill.

How Horrible! This Must Be Stopped!

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Dear Lauren Hobart, CEO of Dick’s Sporting Goods:

I am appalled at the blatant hypocrisy of funding abortion while refusing to sell guns.

Guns are not sold at most Dick’s Sporting Goods stores because of concerns about human life, but then the company offers to help women employees casually throw away an innocent human life caused by abortion.

This is sickening. I demand you stop the hypocrisy. Stop funding abortions!