About John Horvat II

John Horvat, II is a scholar, researcher, educator, international speaker and author of the book Return to Order. He is vice president and a member of the board of directors of the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property.

Taking the Schiltz Challenge

If anyone should know about the sexual abuse scandals, it is Prof. Patrick Schiltz. While in private practice from 1987-1995, he represented various churches in hundreds of clergy abuse cases. He now holds the St. Thomas More Chair in Law … Continue reading

Adding Fuel to the Fire

In the supercharged atmosphere of the abuse scandals, Peter Mullan’s film The Magdalene Sisters is a sensationalist melodrama that only adds fuel to the fire. The film has just been released nationwide and the American Society for the Defense of … Continue reading

A Tradition is Born

“The first time is a mere sounding out, a second try refines an experiment but the third time around – a tradition is born.” Such were the opening words which described the third Université d’été, an international summer program in … Continue reading

The Spirit of Chivalry Lives On

The camp manager said it best in the beginning. “In my 13 years as a camp manager, I’ve never seen a program like this one. It is going to be hard but I think you are all going to benefit … Continue reading

Who Will Watch the Watchdogs?

When the sexual abuse scandals broke upon the American scene early last year, many reacted with shock and dismay. The horrific discoveries of scandals and cover-ups were inconceivable. Even now, the crisis is clearly not over. Spreading from Boston, wildfires … Continue reading

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