This Restaurant and Bar are Mocking the Catholic Faith, Tell Them to Stop! September 20th, 2019

Blasphemy is NOT free speech!

A taqueria, restaurant and bar in Miami, Florida are decorated and modeled after blasphemy.

Located on 8th Street, at the heart of Little Havana, El Santo Taqueria, El Santo Restaurant and Don Diablo (Bar) are demonically decorated with:

•  Perverted images mocking Our Lady
•  Images mocking Our Lord
•  Bathrooms with crucifixes on the doors and “Confessions” sign above
•  A giant Ouija board in the bar section
•  Satanic symbols
•  Drinks presented with rosaries wrapped around
•  Skulls hanging from the ceiling
•  Statues of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the Blessed Mother, the Saints, angels, and crucifixes spread all throughout
•  Rosaries and Day of the Dead statues and skulls decorating the shelves
•  Immoral stickers placed all around
•  A sign encouraging to bring both your girlfriend and wife for free food
•  A neon sign saying, “Not today Satan…maybe tonight”
•  Scripture quotes written through the restaurant
•  Large Sign outside with a crucifix written, “Jesus Saves”

Make reparation and tell the owners of ““El Santo Taqueria, Restaurant and Don Diablo” that you will not accept this mockery!

Sadly, their advertisement also mocks the Catholic religion.

•  Confession Thursday: Forgiveness Hour 8-10pm Complementary Cocktails para todas las Pecadoras (for all Sinners)
•  Viernes Santo (Good Friday): Complementary Cocktails para todas las santas (all the Saints)
•  Images of mixed drinks and cocktails with rosaries and with names like “Ave Maria”

This is blasphemous and sacrilegious!

Not only are they profaning the revered articles of the Catholic Faith such as rosaries and statues of the Saints, but they denigrate the Catholic Faith by mocking Her in a perverted way.

Tell “El Santo Taqueria, Restaurant and Don Diablo” that you are offended and will not accept this mockery!

Please help console Our Lord and Our Lady for this most horrendous attack against them.

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To: El Santo Taqueria and El Santo Restaurant featuring “Don Diablo”

I will not accept this insult and mockery of the Catholic Faith!

I offer reparation to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and to the Immaculate Heart of Mary for the abominations that your restaurant perpetrates every day through mocking the Catholic Faith.

I will pray that you will remove the sacred objects and cease to mock the Catholic Faith through the blasphemous theme of your restaurants.