Tell the NFL to put order on the Gridiron and respect our National Anthem September 26th, 2017

Our brave soldiers did not die so the NFL can
show disrespect to our National Anthem

As Americans, we have a profound and deep respect and love for our country.

And as patriotic Americans, it pains us to see those in the National Football League who choose to disrespect and dishonor our national anthem by refusing to stand and show due respect.

That’s why I’m asking you as a fellow God-fearing American to boycott the NFL.

Sign Pledge Here to Boycott the Disrespect Shown at the NFL

We love honor, duty and courage and those virtues are symbolized in our American flag and anthem.

Those are the ideals for which our soldiers fought and died to protect.

Will we let their sacrifices go in vain?

Will we rise to the occasion as patriotic Americans and defend our country at this crucial moment?

That’s why I’ve stopped watching the NFL games and I encourage you to stop watching all NFL football until they restore order on the gridiron.

Boycott the NFL – Sign Here!

It’s time to take a stand for God, honor and country.

May God bless you, your family and America.


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Goal: 25000

To: NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell

I, the undersigned, pledge to boycott watching NFL football games until order is restored on the field and players again honor our national anthem in the traditional manner.

This is the least I can do as an American who loves God, honor and country.