Tell Netflix That Suicide Should not be Promoted to Anybody, Especially to Teens! August 22nd, 2019

Tell Netflix That Suicide Should not be Promoted, Especially to Teens!

Recently, there has been a massive spike in teenage suicides. You would think the last thing that teenagers need to see is a show that glorifies teenage suicide showing how to do it!


Well, Netflix doesn’t seem to think so.

Netflix is releasing a third season of the notorious drama aimed at teenagers, 13 Reasons Why.

So you can understand the plot of the series, the main character Clay is shocked to find out a schoolgirl he liked, Hannah, committed suicide. After returning home he discovers a package with his name on it, only to discover they are tapes recorded by Hannah explaining thirteen reasons why she committed suicide, Clay being one of those reasons.

Clay then begins to feel guilty that he somehow is responsible for Hannah’s suicide.

After much backlash, criticism, and calls for the show’s cancelation, Netflix has decided to go ahead with a third and even fourth and final season of the show.

Parents of teenagers who watched the show and later committed suicide, blame Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why for the influence it had on their child’s decision.

This is just horrendous. Since when what is considered entertainment to release a show that sheds suicide in a somewhat sympathetic light? Suicide is a sin and should not be promoted.

Our youth are extremely influenced by what they see and heard on TV and social media.

They should be shown that life is worth living.

Tell Netflix that 13 Reasons Why is dangerous to teenagers and must be canceled immediately.


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I am sickened by the blatant promotion of teenage suicide in the show 13 Reasons Why which is in its third season.

Teenagers don’t need to see suicide as a solution to their problems. Virtue is the solution. A culture of purity and virtue is the real answer to the teenage suicide epidemic.

I respectfully demand that you cancel immediately this harmful and dangerous show that glorifies suicide.