Sign Here – Protest Disney’s Promotion of Witchcraft to Little Kids! January 10th, 2020

Disney is introducing the occult to our children—BIZARRE!

Disney is premiering a horrible children’s cartoon this month that promotes witchcraft, sorcery and demonic activity!

“Owl House” is a cartoon that focuses on a young girl that resides with Eda, the Owl Lady, “the most powerful witch on the Boiling Iles.”

The young girl, Luz, is a “Witch Apprentice” who desires to be Eda. According to the Disney fan page description of the show, Luz decides to make her dream of becoming a witch come true by attending the local witchcraft school.

Protest Disney’s promotion of witchcraft to little children!

This is a normalization of witchcraft and Satanism to kids!


Please help me stop Disney from destroying our little children’s innocence and prevent them from the influence of the Devil!

According to, the show’s creator wanted “to make this demon realm a part of Disney,” and “the writer’s room for the show is full of books on witchcraft, witches and spells to take inspiration from.”

It appears that Pokémon, a popular monster-hunting game, was also an influence on the show, according to the creator.

For the love of our children, help stop Disney’s opening of the influence of demons and witchcraft upon them.

Please sign this petition and protest Disney’s promotion of the occult.


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To Disney Corporation,

Disney’s blatant promotion of witchcraft and the occult in the new series, “The Owl House,” is outrageous and completely inappropriate.

The series will open young children to demonic influence.

I demand you cancel the series.