Sign Here—Protest Blasphemous Sacred Heart/Danny Devito Socks on Amazon! January 23rd, 2020

Danny Devito is not the same as Our Lord Jesus Christ! has Danny Devito Socks with an image of the actor Danny Devito as the Sacred Heart of Jesus for purchase through the vendor, HEYUNZI on its website.

Except for the head, everything else looks the same as the Sacred Heart of Jesus:

•  Sacred Heart wrapped with the Crown of Thorns
•  Precious Blood dripping from the Sacred Heart
•  Stigmata on the hands
•  Red tunic and gold cloak
•  One hand blessing while the other points to the Sacred Heart
•  The bald head of Danny Devito

The socks are a mockery of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and should not for sale!

Danny Devito strongly supports Planned Parenthood and starred as a homosexual in one of his films.

How dare this man be compared to our God and Lord Jesus Christ!

Sign here and protest the selling of blasphemous socks on Amazon.

We must defend the honor of Our Lord!

Help us protest this horrendous outrage by letting Amazon know that this type of material is unacceptable.


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To Amazon:

I am outraged that Amazon has Danny Devito Socks that mock the Sacred Heart of Jesus for sale by the vendor HEYUNZI.

This is blasphemous and unacceptable! It is an insult against Our Lord Jesus Christ.

I demand that you remove the blasphemous socks from your website immediately.