Protest Abominable “Queer” Stations of the Cross! May 22nd, 2020

This is an ABOMINATION: Protest “Queer” Stations of the Cross!

Two Catholic Churches, one in San Francisco, the other in New York City, are offering via social media, “queer” Stations of the Cross. This compares the redemptive sufferings of Our Lord with the sufferings that are a consequence of the practice of sins contrary to nature.

In New York City, the pro-homosexual ministry, Out, at St. Paul, offered their blasphemous meditations on the Stations. For example, the first station, “Let us now remember all those who, like Our Savior, have been unjustly condemned. The LGBT community often faces persecution for who we are and for who we love.”

This is an ABOMINATION: Protest “Queer” Stations of the Cross!

This is comparing the Passion and Death of Our Lord Jesus Christ with sin that is intrinsically evil and contrary to the Divine and Immaculate Purity of Our Lord.

The ministry also shamelessly petitions for the preservation and blessings of “LGBT marriages and families.”

Another parish, Most Holy Redeemer, in San Francisco, published videos on the parishes’ official YouTube channel, one of the Stations of the Cross videos, occurred outside the former residence of Harvey Milk, who was a pro-homosexual activist and open homosexual.

Protest “Queer” Stations of the Cross!

Another video from Most Holy Redeemer Church took place in front of the Twin Peaks homosexual bar, stating that it was the first place where homosexuals did not have to hid their faces in shame. This seemingly compares those who are practicing homosexuals with the 6th Station of the Cross, which describes Our Lord’s Face imprinted on the cloth of St. Veronica.

This is a tremendous affront to Our Lord Jesus Christ. These parishes are comparing those who live a sinful lifestyle with the sufferings of Our Lord.

Our Lord suffered and died because of the sins of mankind. His sufferings were not so people could persist in sin, but be free from it, repent, and persevere in virtue.

These “queer” and blasphemous Stations of the Cross are outrageous and offensive.

Taking a Principled not a Personal Stand

As practicing Catholics, we are filled with compassion and pray for those who struggle against violent temptation to sin, be it toward homosexual sin or otherwise.

We are conscious of the enormous difference between these individuals who struggle with their weaknesses and strive to overcome them and others who transform their sin into a reason for pride, and try to impose their lifestyle on society as a whole, in flagrant opposition to traditional Christian morality and natural law. However, we pray for them too.

According to the expression attributed to Saint Augustine, we “hate the sin but love the sinner.” And to love the sinner, as the same Doctor of the Church explains, is to wish for him the best we can possibly desire for ourselves, namely, “that he may love God with a perfect affection.” (St. Augustine, Of the Morals of the Catholic Church, No. 49,


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To: Most Holy Redeemer Parish in San Francisco

The Stations of the Cross that your parish is promoting on your YouTube Channel is offensive and contrary to Catholic teaching. Some of the “meditations” promote the homosexual agenda and contain objectionable content. Please take these videos down since they cause scandal and promote content contrary to Catholic teaching.


To: St. Paul the Apostle Parish in New York City

The “queer-version” of the Stations of the Cross promoted by a member of the Out at St. Paul, is appalling and contrary to Catholic teaching. The description of the YouTube Channel of Xorje Olivares, a professed member of Out, at St. Paul, states, “The LGBTQ ministry of the Church of St. Paul the Apostle in NYC presents a queer-version of The Stations of the Cross for Lent 2020. Please take down the video since they cause scandal and promote content contrary to Catholic teaching.