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Why the Totalitarian Temptation Lives On After the Berlin Wall“Happy the man that understands the causes of things,” wrote Virgil. Polish philosopher Ryszard Legutko, who is also a Member of the European Parliament, is one of those deep thinkers who likes to get to the root of matters. He is not content with superficial observations or political platitudes. In his new book, The Demon in Democracy: Totalitarian Temptations in Free Societies, he takes on the challenges of where the post-Cold War program went wrong.

Finding Inspiration in the Life of the Blessed MotherA Book Review of The Virgin Mary by Fr. de Thomas de Saint-Laurent.
Spiritual stagnation is not uncommon for those who strive for Christian perfection. The remedy often comes from a book that one just happens to pick up, not realizing that it might become a vehicle for grace. The Virgin Mary, by Fr. Raymond de Thomas de Saint-Laurent is this type of book.

Deep Work: A Shallow Approach to a Deep ProblemThere are many books that discuss the harmful effects of cyber distractions upon society and the individual. Such works offer compelling arguments that contribute to the growing skepticism in the general public about our relationships to our machines. Unfortunately, Cal Newport’s Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World is not one of these books.

When the Human Element Is Not EnoughEvery one of us will have to face death one day. Dr. Paul Kalanithi gives a stirring account of facing his own mortality in his recently-published, posthumous memoir When Breath Becomes Air. His insights about death and the interesting journey to his chosen profession of medicine make for compelling reading, filled with serious considerations.

New Book Highlights Conditions of Papal Infallibility, Errors in Magisterial Documents and Asks: Can the Catholic Laity Resist?Is the Pope always infallible in everything he says or does? What are the conditions and limits provided by the First Vatican Council for the Pope to exercise the charisma of infallibility? Can Catholic faithful with sufficient doctrinal formation resist documents that clearly contradict Catholic tradition? These are some of the urgent questions answered in this new book…

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