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Life in the ShadowsIf the pace of life seems overwhelming, it might well be because we have assumed so many of the jobs once held by others. This is the position of Craig Lambert in his book, Shadow Work: The Unpaid, Unseen Jobs that Fill Your Day (Counterpoint, Berkeley, 2015). The Harvard sociologist takes a look at the myriad tasks that have been thrust upon consumers in an ever-faster paced world.

In fact, according to libertarian logic, there can be no “libertarian mind” since the collectivity of all libertarians cannot think. What can exist are the human actions and thoughts of individuals that...

Our Kids: Why They Are in TroubleThe picture of the other sector is not pretty. Many of the traditional ties that used to hold lower working-class families together have simply disintegrated. Putnam’s description of a modern underworld presents multipartnered and fatherless households...

When mentioning the country of England, images immediately come to mind of the Houses of Parliament, double-decker buses, high tea and…devotion to Mary?

Doing Business Differently: A Free Market FableModern economics tends to reduce what happens in business to numbers and formulas. The human element is taken out, and all is left dry and lifeless. It is not without reason that economics is often called the “dismal science.”

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