Tell Fox to stop promoting transgenderism and cancel “The Mick” now! January 10th, 2017

Defend her innocence, tell Fox to stop promoting transgender children

It’s sad to say that 2017 has started off with a new and sickening “comedy” series by Fox, The Mick.

The show is laced with explicitly immoral and sexually perverted content. It promotes Planned Parenthood, uses foul and sexually explicit language, flaunts impure activity, and aggressively pushes the transgender ideology, specifically targeting young children.

This show is scheduled to air during what is traditionally the family hour on Fox, and our children could be subject to the immorality mentioned above.

One of the characters is 7-year-old boy that is portrayed as a transgender girl showing him in a girls dress in one of the scenes from a trailer.

The boy makes an obscene comment about the dress and his “female” body parts.

It is an insult to all God fearing Christians and an affront to common decency.

Tell Fox to cancel the show immediately! We must stop the destructive homosexualization of our children’s innocence.


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I vehemently protest your new show The Mick that is explicitly immoral and promotes the normalization of transgenderism.