Tell Congress to investigate and defund Planned Parenthood July 22nd, 2015

Milwaukee art Museum

Culture of death rally

July 2015
Abortion is an outrage that cries to heaven for vengeance...

but harvesting baby parts is horrifically unimaginable!

Planned Parenthood is doing just that with your tax dollars.

Demand that Congress defund and investigate Planned Parenthood

Recently, Planned Parenthood was exposed harvesting and distributing human body parts of aborted babies. This is morally repulsive!

A recent undercover video made by the Center for Medical Progress, an advocacy group that reports on medical ethics, shows Planned Parenthood's senior director of medical services Deborah Nucatola, casually sipping a glass of wine while discussing the gory details of how to remove a child from its mother's womb in the most expedient way so as to harvest as many body parts as possible to satisfy prospective clients.

The pro-murder crowd is attempting to justify this by saying this is only the distribution of fetal tissue and it is perfectly legal. Planned Parenthood is criticizing the makers of the video of "heavy editing." Is this a serious response?

Nucatola herself evens mentions with surprise that she doesn't know why anyone would want "lower extremities." But this doesn't seem to bother Planned Parenthood's distribution of harvested body parts from the babies they kill. To obtain the body parts of a murdered child, all one has to do is fill out the form!

Demand that Congress defund Planned Parenthood and stop using our hard-earned tax dollars to fund these crimes against humanity. We have an obligation to do whatever is necessary to protect the unborn, especially from heinous crimes such as these.

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Demand that Congress defund and investigate Planned Parenthood

Get involved now, don't stand by idly as these horrors take place; take action now!

Also, watch and share our moving new pro-life video told from the eyes of an innocent child. One that Planned Parenthood was not able to extinguish.

God bless you and all that you do for the unborn and please share this alert with as many of your friends as you can.


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