American Tradition, Family, Property: Fighting the Counter-Revolution


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Pope's Via Crucis Meditations: God is on Side of Abused, Violated


Notre Dame Alumni Call out University’s "Startling" Doublespeak on HHS Mandate


Drag Show on Catholic Campus Turned Diabolical, Group Says


Putin’s Russia as a State Sponsor of Terrorism


Nicolas Maduro's Failures All Too Apparent


JESUIT CREATIVITY IN THE VATICAN: Is Francis Sending Mixed Messages About Marriage?


Venezuelan Cardinal Decries Trend Toward "Cubanization"


Nevada Republican Party Strips Pro-Life Language on Abortion From its Platform


U.S. Government Promoting Islam in Czech Republic


Leaked UN Report Claims Russia "Rigged" Crimea Referendum


China Denies Church "Demolition Campaign" but Says Christianity’s Growth "Excessive"


More Muslims may be Coming to Christ in Iran Than Anywhere Else


Front-Page homosexual "Marriage" Kiss Proves Unprofitable for Newspaper


Sweden’s Totalitarian Face


Obama's Press Secretary Decorates Home With Soviet propaganda


Has Francis Brought ANATHEMA to Himself?


Journalists’ Guide to Islam Called Cave-In to Political Correctness


"It's a war Zone": Pregnant Woman and Cancer Survivor Assaulted by Feds in Battle With Southern Nevada's Last Rancher as Private Militias Join the Fight


Bureau of Land Management Hiding Behind Toothless Tortoise


Equality! DOJ Says Boys’ Baseball Field is Nicer Than Girls' Field, Must Die


Prominent Jesuit: Pope Francis’s First Major Issuance 'Almost a Direct Refutation" of the GOP


Vatican Surrenders to Luther: A Neo-Catholicism Update


Should we Abandon the Term "homosexual"?


Real Americans are Ready to Snap


1913-2013: How Russia Botched an Entire Century


USD Drag Show Goes on Despite Vatican Appeal


Targeted Christian Scores Major Legal Victory


CO2 Is Not a Pollutant, Provides "Beneficial Impacts" to Planet


The Putin Temptation: Admiring a Demagogue Because he Looks "Decisive" is Dangerous


Your Government at Work: Feds ATTACK Lone Cattle Rancher With Army --To Protect a Tortoise


U.S. Bishops Promote 2nd Annual March for Marriage


Brandeis University Rescinds Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s Honorary Degree Because She Criticized Islam


Nevada Governor Blasts Feds’ "First Amendment Area" in Bundy Dispute


Gigantic Protests Break out in Taiwan to Protest Trade Deal With China


Jesus More Popular Than Mao on China’s Twitter


Charlotte Diocese Backs Nun who Gave School Talk Promoting Church Teaching on homosexuality


In a Nation of Muslims, Political Islam Is Struggling to Win Votes


The Poverty Hoax


Patriarch Kirill Compares Events in Ukraine to 1917 Revolution


Amid Showdown With Energy-Rich Russia, Calls Rise in Europe to Start Fracking


US: Pro-Abortion Politicians are Denied Communion


Notre Dame Students Petition University to Make Clear Stand for True Definition of Marriage


Nun UNDER The Bus


The TOLERANT States of America!


Dems Wise to Flee the Coming Tsunami


The Crisis of the Church is a Crisis of Bishops


Vatican Event at Georgetown


Recovering the Meaning of Marriage


Archbishop: Backing homosexual "Marriage" Puts Christians at Risk of Violence


Murder-Suicide is Heavy Price of an Overextended Military


Nun Faces Backlash for Criticizing homosexuality to Catholic School Students


It's Time for Christians to Blacklist Mozilla Firefox and OkCupid


Caracas Chaos: Venezuelan General on the Run


How to Destroy Communism: Yes, it is This Simple!


What Happened to Chicago’s Murder Rate After Illinois Upheld Concealed Carry and Why it Matters


Does London’s Cardinal Nichols Support Compulsory sex Education?


Resisting the New Blacklist


A Catastrophe Like No Other: The President Tries to put a Good Face on ObamaCare


Activists Condemn TN Bill Allowing Students to Write, Talk About God


Christians Form Human Shield Around Church in "China's Jerusalem" After Demolition Threat


Vatican Backs U.S. Catholics who Claimed it was a Scandal for Catholic University to Host Drag Show


UK Bishops Assure Catholic MPs They Won’t be Denied Communion for Backing Same-Sex "Marriage"


Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich Steps Down After homosexual Backlash Over his Support of Marriage


Soviet Sweden? Model Nation Sliding to Third World


Maduro Exports Venezuela’s Propaganda to the New York Times


Bishops say Mass at Border Fence to Remember Dead Migrants


Ukrainian Catholic Leader Creates Jurisdiction in Eastern Ukraine


The Oracle of Santa Marta


Chinese Investments in U.S. Commercial Real Estate Surges


Basic Problem Solving too Hard for German Kids


U.S. Bishops’ Conference Pushes for Immigration Reform at U.S.-Mexico Border Mass


Maltese President Refuses to Sign Bill Allowing homosexual Civil Unions and Expanding homosexual Adoption


Ugandan President Leads Rally Backing new Anti-homosexuality Laws


Kansas and Arizona Win Case to Require Proof of Citizenship to Vote


5 Reasons Obama's 7.1 Million Number Is Meaningless


Wisconsin Bishop Enforces Ban on Washing Feet of Women on Holy Thursday