American Tradition, Family, Property: Fighting the Counter-Revolution

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"The Next Synod is a Battle Between Christ and the Antichrist: - On Whose Side Will you Stand?"

Cardinal Pell on Marriage, Divorce, and Henry VIII

A Grade-by-Grade Breakdown of Kathleen Wynne’s Graphic new Sex-Ed Program

Egypt: Coptic Monks Lie Down in Front of Bulldozers to Protect Ancient Christian Site

Russia Revives "KGB Methods" in Europe

Synod Thievery: Are These the Kind of men who ran The Conclave?

European Royalty Appeals to Pope Francis on Church Teaching

The Second Demographic Transition – The End of Humanity as We’ve Known it

Religious Leaders Urge Action to Combat Climate Change

Don’t Just Shut Down the DHS — Get Rid of it

If you are in Organized Crime, you are Not a Christian, Pope Says

The Death Penalty is "Cruel and Unusual Punishment," But you can Starve Patients to Death

Detaching "Pastoral Practice" from Catholic Doctrine is a "Dangerous Schizophrenic Pathology": Vatican Cardinal

Ukrainian Catholic Leader Urges Pope to be Tougher on Russia

EU to Probe Christian Schools After Humanist Complaint

Cardinal Dolan Must Step Down as Parade Grand Marshal

Cardinal Sarah: "Detachment of Doctrine and Pastoral Practice is Heresy"

U.S. Names First Envoy for "Human Rights of LGBT Persons"

Islamic State (ISIS) Massively Wealthy, Despite Obama’s Claim Poverty Causes Terrorism

From Internet to Obamanet

Archbishop Cordileone Responds to Legislators, Defends School Policy

The View From Arizona . . . Violating the Borders of Good Faith

Cardinal Kasper: Pope Francis is a "Radical," not a "Liberal"

Ambassador John Bolton: "Obama Worse Than Neville Chamberlain"

Iran Prepares to Attack Northern Israel


Catholic homosexuals Receive Vatican Welcome

There can Never be Opposition Between "Pastoral Action and Doctrine": Cardinal Piacenza Refutes Kasper

Will the Other Sleeping Giant Awake?

Prelate Emphasizes: Ukraine Conflict Is Invasion, Not Civil war

How the President’s Summit Helped ISIS

Pope's Morning Homily: Lenten Fast Must be Real and Not Formal

Synod 2015: Vox Cantoris Stirs the Hornets' Nest

Assaulted by Moscow and Abandoned by Rome

Nancy Pelosi Stays at Expropriated (Stolen) Havana Hotel

Obama Suggests his Critics are "Embracing the Terrorists’ Narrative"


Catholic homosexual Group Gets VIP Treatment at Vatican for First Time

Does Vatican Spokesman Consider Cardinal Burke a “Dissenter”?

Pope Francis: "The Issue of Married Priests is in my Agenda."

New Francis Cardinal: Pro-Sacrilege, Staunch Anti-Capitalist

Lawmakers Pressure San Francisco Archbishop to Back off Effort to Uphold Catholic Teaching in Schools

St. Patrick's Parade: Wrong homosexal Group, Cardinal Dolan!


VIDEO: Islamist set Fire at Florida Church, Write "allahu akbar"


Famous Communists and Islam


Examining the Hatred of Vladimir Putin and Russia


Just When you Thought ISIS Couldn’t get any Worse, They’re Allegedly Harvesting Organs now


NYC St. Patrick’s Parade Rejects Pro-Life Group as homosexual Activists Prepare to March


The Ecumenical Martydom of the 21 Copts


Westerners Join Iraqi Christian Militia to Fight ISIS


U.S. Won't Help Fight Boko Haram Until Nigeria Accepts homosexuality, Birth Control, Bishop Says


Pope's Pseudo-Embrace of the Poor all About Control


Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore Gives Obama and SCOTUS a Civics Lesson


Ash Wednesday: Sodomites to Throw Down Another Gauntlet in Front of the Pope


White House Avoids Mentioning That 21 Beheaded Christians Were Christians


Real History of The Crusades


Cameroon Army Kills 86 Boko Haram Militants


Reform Groups' Petition Asks Vatican to Diversify lay Voices at Family Synod


Vatican Mulling new Department to Tackle Environmental Issues


Here's who Backs Putin in Europe — and why


Chinese Immigrant: Common Core Reminds me of Communist China


32 Federal Programs are now at High Risk of Failure


JUDICIAL CHAOS: Alabama Leaders Fight to Defend Marriage as Supreme Court Guts Religious Tradition


Cardinals, Archbishops, and Even an African King Urge Pope to Defend the Faith at the Family Synod


"Christian Presence Will be Suffocated by Wall in Cremisan Valley"


Obama: Iran Won’t Pursue Nuclear Weapons Because it’s "Contrary to Their Faith"


Russia’s Tactics in Ukraine Could Inspire China, Iran: Study


Liberty Counsel: We Will Defend – or Deal With – Alabama Judges


Cardinals, Archbishops, and Even an African King Urge Pope to Defend the Faith at the Family Synod


French Bishop Orders Removal of Blessed Sacrament From Tabernacles


Hawaiian Independence Movement Attracts Chinese Interest


Turkey's Erdogan Wants to Build a mosque in Communist Cuba


Bishop Athanasius Schneider: Battling the New Gnosticism


Ukrainian Criticism of Vatican’s Reaction to Russian Intervention


Book of Gomorrah: A new Publication of St. Peter Damien’s Treatise


Inside the Global Warming Scandal


State Department Forces Marines to Disarm: Gives Into Yemen Rebels Demands


Muslim Prays to allah at Mass Right Under Cologne Cd. Woelki's Nose