American Tradition, Family, Property: Fighting the Counter-Revolution

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As you Deliberate on Marriage, Remember Whose Idea it was in the First Place

High-Stakes Irish Politics

Vatican to Open its Museums and the Sistine Chapel to the Homeless

Navy Bans Chaplain From Ministering to Family of Dead Sailor

Obama and Democrats now Targeting Lawful Business?

Catholic School, With Priest’s Backing, Suspends Theology Teacher for Defending Marriage on Facebook

Pay Heed Washington D.C.: This is why the Freedom Of Religion Still Matters

Poles Steel for Battle, Fearing Russia Will March on Them Next

Muslim Publics Divided on Hamas and Hezbollah

Obama Claims Republicans are Just Like Iranian Terrorists as he Celebrates Another Muslim Holiday

Chile’s Bishops Back Prelate Linked to Notorious Abuser Priest

Iran's Supreme Leader: "Death to America," Which Word Does America Not Understand?

Charles Moore: homosexual Rights Sharia has Silenced Common Sense

Captain Obama and the Great White Whale

Clinton Foundation's Chickens Coming Home to Roost in Haiti?

Transgender and homosexual Inmates Invited to Lunch With Pope Francis During Prison Visit

Capital Punishment Never Justified, Pope Argues

Get Ready for Embryos From two men or two Women

School Apologizes for Reciting Pledge of Allegiance in Arabic

Obama Pentagon Can't Account for $500 Million in Weapons Left in Yemen

Jubilee Year 101: Mercy is Social Justice and Social Justice is Mercy

Hopes Rise for Women Deacons to be Ordained in the Church

End-of-Life Measures, French-Style -- “L’Osservatore Romano” in Favor of France's "Camouflaged Euthanasia"

Co-founder of Greenpeace Explains why he is a Climate Skeptic

DHS Released Another 30,000 Criminal Aliens Onto Streets

Do Communists Think Pope Francis is a Communist?

What the Italian Confession Scandal Reveals

Six Cities Chosen to Have Nationalized Police Forces

Federal Judge Admonished DOJ Over Apparent Deception: "I was Made to Look Like an Idiot"

Obama Urges Soviet-Style Voting Laws

Pope Francis Twists Scripture to Promote Heresy of False Mercy

Italian Bishops “Strongly Protest” Mortally Sinful Confession but Not Warped Priestly Advice: The Francis Effect in Action

Anti-Marxist Counter-Revolution in Brazil

Dilma’s Approval Ratings are the Worst for a Brazilian President Since 1992—and That President was Impeached

China Property Prices Roll Downhill

Were the Druids Having Their Revenge at the St. Patrick's day Parade?

Most Holy Father, You are Loved Because you are Simply Revolutionary

Brazil’s Petrobras Scandal has Finally Reached Dilma Rousseff’s Inner Circle

Bombshell Report Alleges Argentina, Iran, and Venezuela Were Once all Bound Together by sex, Drugs, and Nuclear Secrets

Why our Children Don’t Think There are Moral Facts

The Pope's Impossible Revolution

Navy Chaplain Under Fire for Counseling Against Premarital sex, homosexual Activity

Plagiarism Scandal in Russia: Hitler’s Speech Copied for Crimea Annexation

Great Moments in Journalism: Reporter Lies in Confession, Records Priests’ Responses

Air Force decision to ban "Have a Blessed day" Greeting Ends, may Signal Start of Lawsuit Over Religious Greetings

“Holy Year of Mercy” Belies the Manure of Modernism

Is the Synod Secretariat Stacking the Deck Again?

More Than 40,000 Rally for Navy Chaplain Accused of Being Anti-homosexual

Misplaced Blessing for "Net Neutrality"

"Downward Pressure" in China is Intensifying

Tolerance Does not Extend to Faithful Catholics

Climate Scientist Demolishes the Global Warming Alarm

In England, one Cardinal Says Brace for Martyrdom Over Marriage, While Another Denounces "Harsh" Language

The Coming Chinese Crackup

A New Breed of Global Communism on Steroids

Vatican use of Population Control Word “Sustainable” at UN Worrisome

LA Times Sees a Francis the Catholic Press Won't

Italy Bishops Lambast Paper for Publishing Secret Confessions

ISIL and Boko Haram Just Allied—What’s Next for Nigeria?

Senator Obama’s 2008 Message to Iran Undermines Condemnation of GOP Letter

Cato Institute Joins Those Refusing to Cooperate With Senate Dems’ Climate-Research Probe

It’s us or the Fish, EU Tells Iceland: Iceland Chooses the Fish

America is Losing the war Against Sunni Jihadists and Empowering the Shia Caliphate

Seattle Restaurants Going Dark as $15 an Hour Minimum Wage Goes Into Effect

Corporations are the Enemy


Vatican Hosted Feminist Conference Featuring Professor who Compares Mass to homosuexual sex

Catholic Church Captured by “Progressive Forces”

The Pope Francis Golden Ticket to Heaven

Cardinal Rebukes Head of German Bishops: We Can’t Ignore Christ’s Teaching on Marriage

China Is Not the World’s Largest Economy


Pope Francis on Liturgical Reform and Vatican II: No Turning Back

Scientists: Orbital Variations Main Cause of Climate Change

A Priest Responds to the 2015 "Family Synod" Preparatory Document: - "Vague, Secular, Naive, Sentimental, Discouraging."

Philippine Bishops Supporting homosexual "Rights" - in a Roundabout way?

Understanding Vladimir Putin


Pope Francis’ Homily at Ognissanti: An Analysis