American Tradition, Family, Property: Fighting the Counter-Revolution

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TERRIFYING - What the Official Daily of the Church in Italy is now Teaching About the Family: "Gender Theory" and "Large Families" are Just two Extremes of a Virtuous Middle...


Obama in State of Union: Same-Sex "Marriage" is "America at Its Best"


Germany Repatriating Gold From NY, Paris "In Case of a Currency Crisis"


Inhofe Calls Obama’s Climate Agenda a "Wealth Redistribution Scheme"


The "Obama Debt" in Context


March for Life 2015: Love and Wrath Both Burning


President of Philippine Bishops' Conference Defends the Passing of Hosts as Accounts of Hosts Trampled Into the mud Emerge


Archbishop Lori Praises Unanimous Supreme Court Decision Protecting the Religious Freedom of Muslim Prisoner


The Most Dishonest Year on Record


1,700 Private Jets Fly to Davos to Discuss Global Warming


Catholics and Lutherans Plan Joint Ecumenical Commemoration In 2016


Pope Francis, Which one of my Cousins was too Many?


Canadian Pro-Life Apostle in Maximum Security Prison and Only the Poles Seem to Care


27 Facts That Show how the Middle Class has Fared Under 6 Years of Barack Obama


An American Hero... and Obama


The end Result of Communion in the Hand: Mass Sacrilege as Hosts Passed Around From Hand to Hand in Pope Francis' two Masses in Manila


Ooops. NASA now Only “38% Sure” 2014 was Warmest Year on Record


Muslims in Italy Smash and Urinate on Virgin Mary Statue


The Impact of he oil Collapse on ISIS is Severe


Female Marine Officers Not Cutting It in Combat Endurance Test


Papal Text Says Man Betrays God by Destroying the Environment


Scientists Balk at "Hottest Year" Claims: Ignores Satellites Showing 18 Year "Pause" – "We are Arguing Over the Significance of Hundredths of a Degree"


Britain Could be in Line to get First "homosexual" School


Israeli Airstrike Kills Hezbollah and Iranian Commanders in Syria


Neuroscience has Proved That Porn is Literally Making Men’s Brains More Childish. Seriously.


San Francisco Archbishop Says SCOTUS Would Redefine Marriage "To its Peril"


When Will Men Once Again Fight for the Faith?


Hollande, Merkel Speak Up for Europe’s Muslims


A Desperate Putin Makes a Private Sector Power Grab


Attack of the Open-Borders Mau-Mau-ers


“Listen to the Voice of the Poor!”: Pope Calls for Social Justice and Respect for Life


Supreme Court to Hear homosexual "Marriage" Cases in April


I Admire Their Courage; but I am Not Charlie Hebdo


This Chart Makes it Look Like it's all Over in Venezuela


New Study on he Shooting Down of MH17 Points to Russian Forces


Venezuelan Bishops Reject Socialists' Doctoring of Lord's Prayer


Why Pope Francis is Wrong About Free Expression


Milan Archdiocese Sacks Religion Teacher After he Showed Students Pro-Life Film "Silent Scream"


Duke University Reverses Decision, Cancels Weekly Muslim Call to Prayer


World Deflationary Forces Have Swept Away Switzerland's Defenses


Venezuelan Bishops Blame Marxist Government for National Crisis


Christian Forces Formed to Fight ISIS


Christ Crucified: Scandal to the Muslims, Foolishness to the Secularists


China Building South China Sea Island big Enough for Airstrip


Putin Is Losing the Battle to Restrain Online Media


Catholic Clergy Declare "Unwavering Fidelity" to Church Ahead of Synod


Politics and President, Yes, Bishops of Sri Lanka, No


Hollande Furious After Netanyahu Participates in Paris March, Disobeying French President's Request


Hiring HIV/AIDS Sufferers to Intimidate People "Common in China"


Venezuelans Stay the Night Outside Stores for Food


Vatican Post Contradicts Church Teaching: Why has it not Been Removed?


Francis: I'm Not a Communist and I'm Not an Ideologue. It's Christianity, OK?A


Pope Francis Rattles U.S. Conservatives


Climatologist: 30-Year Cold Spell Strikes Earth


Venezuelans Throng Grocery Stores Under Military Protection


Pope Says Concern for Poor is Gospel, not Communism


Dublin Priest Says he is homosexual During Mass


Pope Francis' Stance on Climate Change is the Latest Battleground for U.S. Catholics


UK mom: School Reported me to Child Protective Services for Showing my Kids Pro-Life Film


These are the Biggest Hypocrites Celebrating Free Speech Today in Paris


New Cardinal From Communist Vietnam Very Non-Confrontational


Politics More: Vocativ Russia Lithuania Ukraine Lithuania Just Made a "Freedom Fries" Move Against Russia


Vatican Ruling: Was Archbishop Romero Martyred for Peace and Love?


Justice for Terrorists Must be Swift and Sure


What Happens When Progressives Tax (and Spend)


Four Things to Remember About the Pope’s Environment Letter


Archbishop Romero, A Martyr to What Cause?


"Nous y Sommes... Ce n'est qu'un Début." This is Just the Beginning


Al qaeda Plotting Massive Deadly Attacks on West, Britain’s MI5 Chief Says


Why the oil Price is Falling


R.I. Gov. Raimondo to Bishop Tobin: "Another Priest Will Give me Communion"


Mosques on the Front Lines in the War Against America


Lack of Enthusiasm? Few Connecticut Residents Attend Gov. Malloy’s Inaugural


The Worst Christian Persecution Since Mao, Yet Christianity in China Keeps Growing


Venezuelan Textbooks Teach Math, Science, Socialism


Bishop's Column: Tua Res Agitur: It Concerns you