American Tradition, Family, Property: Fighting the Counter-Revolution

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Pope Francis Backs Science Against Creationism in Vatican Speech


“Call it Jihad: ‘Terrorism’ Just Doesn’t Define This Threat”


Statement of World Meeting of Popular Movements at Beginning of Rome Meeting


Putin Loses in Ukraine’s Election


Former BBC Political Correspondent Martina Purdy Humbled by Public's Support as she Begins new Life as nun


IRS Confiscating Bank Accounts of Small Business Owners Without Evidence of a Crime


The Left Wins, and That is Really Bad News From Brazil


Brazilian Stocks are Getting Decimated


Cardinal Pell: "Today we Have one of the More Unusual Popes in History"


Elon Musk: "We are Summoning the Demon" With Artificial Intelligence


Cardinal Turkson: We're Not Trying to Be the UN, But Listen to Those on Peripheries


Worldwide Socialists Descend on the Vatican


Cardinal: See the Goodness in Lives of People who Cohabit


Sistine Chapel Being Used as Sacred Place – not "Venue for Private Parties"


Front National Councillor Urges French Far-Right Party to Convert to Islam


"Over Half the Bishops (in the Synod) Have Already Switched Religion"


World Meeting of Popular Movements: The Excluded are the Motor of Social Change


Catholic St. Norbert College to Invite Pro-Abort Gloria Steinem on Campus


Man With "Islamic Extremist Leanings" Attacks NY Police


DHS Auditor: It’s not Your Imagination, we Aren’t Prepared for a Pandemic


Francis’ Patient Revolution


Pope Francis Calls for Abolishing Death Penalty and Life Imprisonment


Federal Government: Too big to Succeed


Ebola in the Big Apple and Common Sense in Short Supply


The Russian Ruble Is Getting Crushed


It's Hard to Change the Catholic Church -- Even if You're the Pope


At the Synod and After, Revolving Door for homosexuals


A Moderate Façade and a Radical Interior?


How Much Influence Does the Church Have Over Hong Kong Politics?


America's Housing Policy: The Definition of Insanity


In Elegant Ruling, Federal Judge Upholds Traditional Marriage in Puerto Rico


Archbishop Kurtz on the Synod: "Mercy Without Truth is not Mercy"


Chinese People: “The Communist Party has Ruined China, Withdraw From it Immediately!”


The Rainbow Jihad of the Cultural Marxists


Oil Slump Leaves Russia Even Weaker Than Decaying Soviet Union


President of the Polish Episcopal Conference: - Let's end This Delusion That "Mercy" Began Only now, After 2,000 Years!


In the Church’s Hour of Greatest Need, Dolan Fails Again


Why the Real Battle for America is Over Culture, not Elections


 France is a Nation in Decline - and Britain Could be Next


Is it in the News, or is it a Horror Movie?


Burke Confirms: Yes, Pope has Demoted me


De Mattei on the Synod Relatio: "The Need to Resist Heretical Tendencies"


"LGBT": The ‘T’ is for Tyranny


Ukraine’s Economy Choking Under Russian Pressure, but Western Help is Scarce


Stunning Federal Corruption Case Moving Forward With Almost no Media Attention


God’s Love Must be Shown in the Church’s Treatment of homosexual Persons


Catholic Bishops Scrap Landmark Welcome to homosexuals in Sign of Split


Mortgage Giants Set to Loosen Lending



Sweden Searches for Suspected Russian Submarine off Stockholm


China Says it's Hard to Resume Cyber Security Talks With U.S.


Pope Paul VI Beatified as Vatican Synod Wraps up With no Consensus Over homosexuals


Will Obama Only Fight Carbon-Neutral Wars?


Nurse Vinson Called CDC, was Told OK to fly Despite her Fever


Oil Price Drop Threatens to hit Russia, Iran Harder Than Sanctions


Russia and China's Playground Alliance


English-Speaking Bishops Call for Major Changes in Synod Report


Pastors of Houston: Shout It From the Rooftops This Sunday


Slate: Abortion Is Great


Facebook, Apple pay for Female Employees to Freeze Eggs: What Does This say to Women?


Ebola's Spread and Islamic Burial Ritual


Pro-Family Catholics Reject Synod mid-way Report, Calling it "a Betrayal"


Inequality: 8% of CNN Workforce Cut While Anchors Reap Millions


This Isn’t America


What an Amazing Coincidence! Abp. Bruno Forte's Personal "Gayspel" and Italian Politics - Plus: Saint Paul the Apostle Versus Forte


Global Warming: Plants may Absorb More Carbon Dioxide Than Previously Thought


Vatican Forced to Backtrack Over Document Supporting homosexual People and Divorcees After Backlash From Conservative Bishops


Cardinal Burke: Synod's Mid-Term Report "Lacks a Solid Foundation in the Sacred Scriptures and the Magisterium"


Macro Horizons: Market Pounding Continues Amid Gloomy Eurozone Data


Holdout Hawaii: Other 49 States Voting "Against Obama"


Turkish Soldiers Pose WAith Islamic State Slaughterers in Kobani


Italian Priest Hospitalized After homosexual Activists Attack Pro-Family Rally


400 Million Lives "Prevented" Through One-Child Policy, Chinese Official Says


What the "homosexual Marriage" Debate is Really About


Ferguson, Missouri, and Black Nationalism


We're #12! The Decline of Economic Freedom in America



Pope Francis Makes an Important Move at the Synod