American Tradition, Family, Property: Fighting the Counter-Revolution

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BREAKING NEWS: University Confirms Insurance Will Cover Elective Abortions


Christians Fight Against Communism as Hong Kong Protests Continue


The Kremlin Wants More Control Over Facebook, Google, and Twitter


Is Islamism a Totalitarian System Like Nazism and Communism?


Government has Duty to Protect us From Barbarians


Barbie as the Virgin Mary? Ken as Jesus? Italian Catholics are Not Amused


Embattled Vatican Cardinal Burke Greeted With a Standing Ovation in Florida


Why is the Vatican Stumbling Into Climate Controversy?


Critics Blast Authorities for Treating Beheading as Case of Workplace Violence


Cannibal Cuisine: London Chefs Create Human Flesh Burger


Pope Said Teaching on Divorce and Communion Cannot Change, Spanish Bishop Reports


Catholic Scholars rap Common Core as "Disservice to Catholic Education"


U.S. Embassy in Yemen hit by Terrorist Rocket Attack


How Come No Street Protests Against ISIS From Leftwing


Russian Influence Operations Target Americans


It's All About System Change (to Socialism), Not Climate Change


Two Lesbians Commit Biological Fraud, Get "Married" in Mississippi


Official German Body Says Incest a "Fundamental Right"


How Come No Street Protests Against ISIS From Leftwing


Hong Kong School Children Join Student Protest Demanding Democracy


Pope Removes Paraguayan Priest who Divided Church


No Place for Bigotry Against homosexual People in Catholic Church, Says Sydney’s new Archbishop


New Archbishops in Chicago and Madrid: Ratzingerians out, "Inclusiveness" in


“We Will Enslave Your Women by the Permission of Allah”


China Accused of Selling Electric Shock Guns, Spiked Batons, and Other "Tools of Torture" to Oppressive Governments


Vatican Secretary of State Blames Human Beings for Climate Change


Climate Movement Drops Mask, Admits Communist Agenda


Russia Positions Herself as a “Light to the World” During Pro-Family Conference


Gadgets and Grace


An ISIS Nest Grows in Boston


Cardinals Join in Plea for Mandatory Rules to Stop Man-Made Climate Change


Socialist Climate Change Dreams Falling Apart


The Great Chinese Exodus


The 15 Most Shocking Statements in ObamaCare Architect's "Die at 75" Article


Of Oil and Coconut Water


Satanic Black Mass Held, Thousands Protest and Process


Chinese Communists Tear Down two Catholic Churches


Muscovites Use Vote to Say "No" to Putin’s War


Be Afraid: Why America Will Never Defeat ISIS


Two Chinese Warships Arrive in Iran for Unprecedented Visit


Two More Leading Cardinals Weigh in Against Kasper Proposal


Vatican Announces Commission to Streamline Marriage Process


Doctrinal Wars? Both Sides Fire Over Communion for Divorced, Remarried


The Pope Gave This man a Promotion and he Could Dramatically Change the Focus of the Catholic Church


Obama is Roosting America's Chickens


Pope Francis Ultimate Target by Conservative Cardinals


Mayor Objects to Timing of Islamic Mailing


The Counter-Revolutionary Calling of Large Families


Seven Minutes in September


Dozens Attend satanic "Black Mass" in Oklahoma City, Hundreds Protest Outside


Today’s "Black Mass": TFP Students 1, Satanists 0


Papal Irritation with Ignatius Press Book Continues


Male-On-Male Rape Epidemic in Obama’s Pro-Deviancy Military


Indonesia: Muslim Protests Force Cancellation of LGBT Seminar at Catholic University


Interpreting the Islamic State’s jihadi Logic


Homosexual Acts Cannot be Approved or Celebrated by the Church – Here’s Why


Cardinal Dolan Defends Decision to Remain as Grand Marshall of St. Patrick's day Parade


Identity Crisis: Will Europe Awake?


Obama Insures Democrat Party Wins by Importing More Than 200,000 Syrian Illegal Aliens


Taking Sides in the Muslim Civil War


Report: Pope Plans on Exiling Conservative Catholic Hero Cardinal Raymond Burke


Pope Francis is Irritated -- With a Pro-Marriage Book Published by Ignatius Press


From Bishop Tobin: Divorced and Remarried Catholics – We’ve got to do Something!


The Spread of Rocky Mountain Jihad


In one State, More Children Homeschool Than Attend Private Schools. Why That Shouldn’t Shock you


"The Curious Phenomenon of Sudden 'Conversions' Among Churchmen" - While Struggle for Unborn Life is Abandoned


In Weddings, Pope Francis Looks Past Tradition


Religious Groups to Demand Action on Environment at People's Climate March


The Decline of Thinking


Outrageous IRS Commissioner False Claim: "Whenever we can, we Follow the law"


A Wedding That Smells Like Sheep


Reigning and “Emeritus.” The Enigma of the Two Popes


Exclusive - Princeton's Robert George: "Victory" Against ISIS Means They're Destroyed Like Adolf Hitler's SS


NYT: "Assault Weapons" A "Myth" Democrats Created In 1990s


Japan Plans Robot Revolution


The old Debate on Divorce and Communion has a new Wildcard: Francis


A Cross in One Hand, a Gun in the Other


Francis Scott Key's Fourth Stanza


Coalition Refusing Obama's ISIS Fight far Bigger Than one Helping it


Despite U.S. pressure, Turkey fails to cut Islamic State oil revenue


Cardinal McCarrick Most Merciful