American Tradition, Family, Property: Fighting the Counter-Revolution

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Homosexual Acts Cannot be Approved or Celebrated by the Church – Here’s Why


Cardinal Dolan Defends Decision to Remain as Grand Marshall of St. Patrick's day Parade


Identity Crisis: Will Europe Awake?


Obama Insures Democrat Party Wins by Importing More Than 200,000 Syrian Illegal Aliens


Taking Sides in the Muslim Civil War


Report: Pope Plans on Exiling Conservative Catholic Hero Cardinal Raymond Burke


Pope Francis is Irritated -- With a Pro-Marriage Book Published by Ignatius Press


From Bishop Tobin: Divorced and Remarried Catholics – We’ve got to do Something!


The Spread of Rocky Mountain Jihad


In one State, More Children Homeschool Than Attend Private Schools. Why That Shouldn’t Shock you


"The Curious Phenomenon of Sudden 'Conversions' Among Churchmen" - While Struggle for Unborn Life is Abandoned


In Weddings, Pope Francis Looks Past Tradition


Religious Groups to Demand Action on Environment at People's Climate March


The Decline of Thinking


Outrageous IRS Commissioner False Claim: "Whenever we can, we Follow the law"


A Wedding That Smells Like Sheep


Reigning and “Emeritus.” The Enigma of the Two Popes


Exclusive - Princeton's Robert George: "Victory" Against ISIS Means They're Destroyed Like Adolf Hitler's SS


NYT: "Assault Weapons" A "Myth" Democrats Created In 1990s


Japan Plans Robot Revolution


The old Debate on Divorce and Communion has a new Wildcard: Francis


A Cross in One Hand, a Gun in the Other


Francis Scott Key's Fourth Stanza


Coalition Refusing Obama's ISIS Fight far Bigger Than one Helping it


Despite U.S. pressure, Turkey fails to cut Islamic State oil revenue


Cardinal McCarrick Most Merciful


"So Help me God" Restored as Mandatory Part of Air Force Oath


Italian Naval Program to Save Migrants Wins Papal Praise


While Obama Snoozes, Russia is Preparing for Nuclear war With the United States


Global Warming Casualty: Weather Channel Ratings, Value Plummet


Couples With Kids, Cohabitating are Among Those Marrying at Papal Mass


Pope Sends Message to Brazilian Ecological Group


Obama Admin Targets More Than 400 Catholic Organizations for HHS Mandate


After Booing Ted Cruz for Supporting Israel, Christian Leaders Meet with and Praise Obama


“Global Warming” Advocates Plan March Amid Record Cold Temperatures


Catholic League Pulls out of St. Patrick's day Parade in New York


Public Black Mass in Oklahoma City Will Include Renunciation of God, satanic “Exorcism” of Holy Spirit, and Spitting and Stomping on the Eucharist


Obama Administration Moves Forward in Challenging Little Sisters


How the World Responded to Obama's Islamic State Speech


Germany's jihadists: Young, Male, Losers


Cardinal: U.S. "Creed" on homosexual Marriage Like Sharia Law


Yes Holy Father, Jesus Walks With Sinners but He Asks us to sin no More...


We Must Be Ready to Defend the Truth of Marriage, Even at the Cost of Martyrdom


Boy Scouts Alternative Created After homosexual Flap Picks up 14,000 Members in First Year


Holder Aide's Wrong Number Call Reveals Department of Justice Partisan Effort to Hinder IRS Investigation


Cardinals Join to Defend Church Doctrine on Divorce, Remarriage


"DARKNESS IN ROME: Liberation Theology Triumphant as Work of John Paul II & Benedict XVI is Completely Wiped Out"


The Global Sexual Revolution and the Assault on Freedom and Family


More homosexual Groups Seek Entry in New York's St. Patrick's Day Parade


Dodd-Frank now Coming for the Insurers


Pope Urges Dialogue of Life to Counter Anti-Christian Violence in Africa


Survey Says homosexuals More Likely to Have Mental Health Problems


Refocusing the War on Women Where it Rightly Belongs


Venezuela set to Import oil


The Awful Truth: The World is at War


An Open Letter to Cardinal Timothy Dolan


Parade Organizer -- The Pope Made me do it


New Fatima Revelation?


French Catholic Bishop Accuses Pro-Marriage Rallies of "Violence Against homosexuals"


Russia Exposes Obama's Empty Security Promises to Estonia


An Appointment that Francis Should Withdraw


Respect of "Human Ecology" Will Foster Respect for Environment: Cardinal Parolin


Ukraine Abandoned


WSJ: ISIS's Cruelty Toward Women Gets Scant Attention


These 5 Facts Debunk U.S. Jobs Recovery Myth


Cardinal Dolan to Stay as Grand Marshal in NYC St. Patrick's Parade With 1st homosexual Contingent


Notre Dame Retreats, Will Provide Contraceptive Coverage in Student Health Programs


War in Europe is Not a Hysterical Idea


When Child Sex Abuse Isn't News


American jet With 100 Military Contractors on Board Forced to Land Inside Iran


Time for Another Edition of the Catholic Samizdat - Courtesy of the Archdiocese of Washington


UPDATE on the Visitation on the Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate - Apostolic Signatura Acted to Reduce Illegal Powers - Visitators Suggest Vatican II Re-education Program


Reminder: Don’t Question France’s 35-Hour Work Week


Nigeria: Islamic jihadists Loot and Vandalize Catholic Parish


The Turn of Boko Haram


Cardinal Dolan all Right With homosexual Groups in St. Patrick’s Parade N.Y.


Dolan Caves Under Pressure, homosexual Groups Complain, Archbold: Sinful Capitulation, Gibson: Francis Effect


Report: 11 Libyan Jetliners Missing Following Takeover of Tripoli Airport


U.S.-Backed Free Syrian Army Operating Openly With ISIS, Al-Qaeda’s Jabhat al-Nusra


Of Nearly 38,000 Immigrant Children in the U.S. - Only 280 Deported


Soccer Match for Peace – COEXIST Sighting