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Filial Petition to Pope Francis


Sign this Prayerful Petition to Pope Francis to save the family

Dissident Catholic pressure groups, aided by the liberal media, are feverishly working to dismantle vital Church teaching on marriage and family at the next Synod on the Family in Rome.

Sign the Prayerful Petition to Pope Francis
                       — Save the Family —                    

The True Devotion Trilogy I


To you Dear Atheist,
Dear? This adjective may make readers wonder. After all, they have seen me, through my articles and other means, fight atheism for decades, especially the most actively imperialistic form it has assumed...

Preserving Confidence Amid the Dark Night


This story should also teach us that when evil appears most powerful and its victory most certain, he who confides much and prays to Our Lady, will witness the sunrise of her victory.


Listen to the Baby Planned Parenthood Can't Silence