Tell Amazon’s Jeff Bezos to STOP Bashing the Priesthood May 24th, 2019

Amazon thinks it's open season on the priesthood is streaming a TV show titled "Fleabag." It is filthy, inappropriate, and immoral.

Just recently, they aired the second season, which is full of sexual degeneracy between the main character and a priest.

The sitcom centers around an English woman named, Fleabag. To give you an idea, Amazon describes the show as "a hilarious and poignant window into the mind of a dry-witted, sexual, angry, grief-riddled woman."

A prominent character in season two is a priest. In the show, Fleabag begins to have an attraction to the priest and expresses her sexually explicit intentions.

The barbarous vulgarity is appalling.

She begins to meet with the priest for drinks. The priest assures her nothing sexual will come between them.

The show eventually portrays Fleabag and the priest having immoral relations.

How low will Amazon go? They are streaming such dirty content. Above all, this content is offensive to God! "Fleabag" is a mockery of the priesthood because it mocks a priest's celibacy.


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To: Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon

I am appalled by the TV show, “Fleabag,” which is a filthy mockery of the priesthood that your company is streaming. The show is demeaning, inappropriate and immoral. It is offensive to Catholics, priests, and above all, God.

I demand you immediately take down the show and apologize for such offensive content.