Tell Netflix to cancel the dirty show Big Mouth October 9th, 2017

Hollywood promotes vile film jeopardizing our innocent children

Netflix now has a new show called Big Mouth that not only encourages our children to sin, it has very graphic animations showing how and clearly states that it’s alright to do so.

As a guest on The Late Show with Steven Colbert, a Catholic, co-creator Nick Kroll was asked if this was the type of show parents would sit down and watch with their children.

While smiling, Kroll said “Steve, I’m going to leave that up to each and every individual parent”. Admitting, “it’s very dirty.”1

Sign our protest and tell Netflix to pull this dirty, impure show

[It] “is kind of like the sex-ed video I wished I had gotten to see, but also, like, filthy.”

Colbert then tells the audience that there was a clip for them to see but CBS would not allow it because it was “too vulgar to show”.

I cannot even comment on much of the content, as it could be an occasion of sin to read.

This is not suitable for any audience let alone our dear children; furthermore, it encourages adult viewers to have sexual fantasies with puberty-age children.

Save Our Children and tell Netflix to stop promoting impure filth


If you wish, send your peaceful protest here; be polite but firm.

Ted Sarandos, Chief Content Officer
Jonathan Friedland, Chief Communications Officer
Reed Hastings, Founder and CEO

Netflix Customer Care Service

Netflix, Inc.
100 Winchester Cir
Los Gatos, California
United States - 95032-1815

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To: Ted Sarandos, Netflix Chief Content Officer

The show Big Mouth is nothing more than the promotion of child pornography.

It attempts to put humor into the most prosaic and impure acts of sexuality and encourages the lust of puberty-age children.

This show is not entertainment!

I ask that you stop showing this show immediately.