Traditional Marriage Crusade


For decades motivated teams of young volunteers of the American TFP have traveled the United States defending traditional marriage. From Maine to California, Florida to Washington, Hawaii and beyond, they have campaigned on the streets of America holding signs and distributed thousands of flyers explaining why homosexual “marriage” is harmful to society and must be opposed.
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“10 Reasons Why Homosexual ‘Marriage’ is Harmful and Must be Opposed.”

A Challenge to Our Lady of Fatima

The Portuguese parliament’s approval of same-sex “marriage” on January 8 is shocking for many reasons. A Challenge to Our Lady of Fatima First, the fact itself legalizes a practice aberrant to nature and also discredits marriage. Then, this law was … Continue reading

Traditional Marriage Wins Again

In yet another crushing defeat for the pro-homosexual movement, the New York State Senate decisively rejected by a 38-to-24 margin a bill that would have forced same-sex “marriage” upon New Yorkers. The issue is essentially dead until the next legislative session … Continue reading

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