July 21 – Augusta, Maine

Today, rain was forecast for the whole state. We were in a quandary because this would cancel any campaign. We confided in our patron St. Joseph and headed to Augusta, the capital of Maine. We campaigned on the edge of … Continue reading

July 22 – Downtown Rochester, New York

“Finally someone has common sense.” There was a “gay” pride parade last weekend here in town. I can’t imagine how the public accepted that because the response from the general public today was overwhelmingly positive. A police officer stopped early … Continue reading

July 23 – Mineola, Long Island

Today we campaigned for traditional marriage on Long Island. The intersection we stood at was massive and the windy, rainy weather made it difficult to hold the banner and standard. The large banner acts like a sail on windy days, … Continue reading

July 23 – Auburn, New York

Auburn, NY We did two campaigns in the area. The first was downtown for a very short time. We then relocated to a shopping area outside the city. A police officer came out and spoke to us. He was very … Continue reading

July 23 – Bangor, Maine

Today we traveled almost two and a half hours to Bangor, one of Maine’s larger cities. Once again, we hardly began when we got our first honks. It was a good harbinger–for the most part. We are beginning to employ … Continue reading

July 20 – Lewiston, Maine

Today, the feast of St. Elias, we campaigned in Lewiston, Maine. Local channel six interviewed Mr. Richard Lyon and the segment aired in the evening news. You can watch it here. The point about abrasiveness is in response to an … Continue reading

July 21 – Rochester area, New York

Henrietta NY (South of Rochester NY) From the moment we arrived at our campaign site in front of the local mall people began to manifest their support and kept it up the entire time. Peter Shibler was handing out fliers … Continue reading

July 18 – Maine Mall, Portland, Maine

Well, here is the Maine Caravan’s first report. While we sense that the majority of Mainers favor traditional marriage, we expected much opposition from the notoriously liberal area of Portland. Locals even warned us about them. So with some trepidation, … Continue reading

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