Sept 23 – Mt. San Antonio College

                          Today’s campaign was a great example of the so-called tolerance of the anti-marriage crowd. Our first stop was Mount San Antonio College. After receiving a permit from … Continue reading

Sept 21 – Los Angeles, Yorba Linda

After attending the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, we found a busy intersection in Yorba Linda near a shopping center. The caravan now has three new members: Mr. Matthew Shibler and his brother Michael and Mr. Jose Walter Ferraz. Out … Continue reading

Sept 20 – Pomona

After spending some time distributing pro-traditional marriage literature at the Los Angeles Fair in Pomona this morning, our campaign was cut short due to strict free speech regulations. The free speech area was a 5 x 5 white box and … Continue reading

Sept 18 – Bakersfield College

“What is this all about?” asked a student at Bakersfield College. After Mr. Cesar Franco explained the importance of traditional marriage and gave him a flier, he said: “That’s great! Thank you! Let me shake your hand. What church are … Continue reading

Sept 17 – Bakersfield

Thus far, Bakersfield is the city where the most people honked their horns in support of traditional marriage; bus drivers, policemen, fire trucks, cars, even pedestrians on the sidewalk found a way to honk for true marriage. We simply received … Continue reading

Sept 16 – Fresno State University

While visiting college campuses, we’ve found that access to “free speech” areas are not always so free, at least to opinions which promote virtue and reject sin as our current campaign for traditional marriage does. Perhaps “controlled speech” areas would … Continue reading

Sept 14 – Sequoia National Park

When you see the famous Sequoias, their grandeur instantly inspires you to think of their Creator. Their massive size and superior beauty speak of the blessings God has bestowed on our great nation. For many of us it was the … Continue reading

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