July 21 – Rochester area, New York

Henrietta NY (South of Rochester NY) From the moment we arrived at our campaign site in front of the local mall people began to manifest their support and kept it up the entire time. Peter Shibler was handing out fliers … Continue reading

July 18 – Maine Mall, Portland, Maine

Well, here is the Maine Caravan’s first report. While we sense that the majority of Mainers favor traditional marriage, we expected much opposition from the notoriously liberal area of Portland. Locals even warned us about them. So with some trepidation, … Continue reading

July 18 – Buffalo, New York

Clarence NY (Northeast of Buffalo) 2 different locations, Cheektowaga NY (West of downtown Buffalo) 1 location. KOA Campaign Before leaving for campaign John Miller was asked by a couple staying in the next KOA cabin to ours what we are … Continue reading

July 20 – Queens, New York

This morning we campaigned for true marriage at a busy intersection in Queens, New York. Immediately after we prayed our customary prayer, three Hail Marys and invocations to Saint Michael and Saint Joseph, our caravan patron, the positive honks started … Continue reading

July 20 – Downtown Buffalo, New York

Downtown Buffalo, New York No sooner had we arrived than a lady who recognized us from Saturday’s campaign approached. She took a flyer already but wanted to know more about our organization and was very favorable to our ideals. Two … Continue reading

July 19 – Brunswick, Maine

After Mass and a hearty breakfast hosted by a local friend, we went to a town called Brunswick. We picked a busy corner close to a mall and Highway 1, the scenic road that goes all the way from Maine … Continue reading

July 17 – Jamestown, New York

We did a lunch-hour campaign in front of a Wal-Mart at a moderately busy intersection. The initial response was not as good as Corning but it quickly picked up. We had several people show very strong opposition and although we … Continue reading

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