A Weak King Weakens the Strongest People

“A weak king weakens the strongest people.” This famous phrase by Portuguese epic poet Camões comes to mind when reading the statement issued by the Permanent Council of the French Bishops Conference, three days after one of the largest demonstrations … Continue reading

Stand Up for Tradition

After having attended a sold-out and inspirational Handel’s Messiah, one was left to reflect upon the well-attended, enthusiastic and inspired crowd. In an age where much entertainment is reduced to sound bites and portable electronic devices, it was amazing to … Continue reading

The Upper Classes Must Set the Tone, not Vulgarize Their Manners

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The Original Knight in Shining Armor

Saint George was a martyr, a patron of England and suffered at or near Lydda, also known as Diospolis, in Palestine probably before the time of Constantine. According to the very careful investigation of the matter instituted by Father Delehaye, … Continue reading

Regional Conferences Across the Nation

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Imagining No Atheists in Topeka

The day of the April monthly Public Square Rosary was dark and threatening. That did not stop 25 devotees of Our Lady to show up to offer a public rosary in reparation for a sign that has been placed on … Continue reading

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