Dodd-Frank: Another Name for Socialism

As we sail on the choppy seas of a questionable economic recovery, we can look back upon a storm of our own making that has wreaked havoc upon our financial system. That storm is the Dodd–Frank Wall Street Reform and … Continue reading

No Professor Left Behind

I recently had the opportunity to guest lecture for an American Government class at a private Midwestern college. My friend who teaches the class invited me to share some insights about political theory. While I have taught classes to select … Continue reading

Stand Up for Life by Embracing the Cross

On January 23rd, the day after the annual March for Life in Washington, D.C., the Tradition, Family and Property Washington Bureau held its “traditional pro-life reception” with remarks by John Horvat II on the topic of “Embrace the Cross: Become a … Continue reading

Manifesto El Tiempo

  Las negociaciones claudicantes del Gobierno con las Farc:No se puede engañar a todo el mundo durante todo el tiempoManifiesto publicado en El Tiempo, 13 de Diciembre, 2013.

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