Do All Our Shepherds Oppose Protests?

A common objection protest organizers face states that the clergy unanimously oppose theater protests against The Da Vinci Code. Some assert that all priests, bishops and cardinals believe that any public action will simply give the film more publicity. They … Continue reading

Tom Hanks Provokes Catholics’ Ire

As if starring in one of the highest profile blasphemies of history was not enough, The Da Vinci Code star Tom Hanks has added insult to injury with a blasphemous skit on NBC’s “Saturday Night Live,” on May 6. During … Continue reading

Meet the Real Dan Brown

I was recently browsing Dan Brown’s web site to gather information in preparation for the one thousand theater protests against The Da Vinci Code movie, planned by the American TFP. Since I hope to organize several protests, I felt obliged … Continue reading

Why Does Sony Fear Free Publicity?

“Don’t protest, you’re just giving them free publicity!” That is the advice that the anti-blasphemy protester must often endure when organizing protests in front of theaters. The conventional wisdom is that controversy generates interest. And interest will in turn only … Continue reading

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