Two Different Worlds at Two Mommies Protest

Separated by a long police barrier, two groups representing two different worlds assembled at Davis Square on the frigid afternoon of Saturday, December 7, in Somerville, Mass. What was about to take place? The Somerville Theater was about to present … Continue reading

Stirring up the Windy City

Throwing mud at the Catholic Church has become fashionable. Whether it be blasphemous artwork, insulting movies or sacrilegious plays, open anti-Catholicism is wide-spread and ever present. Convinced that this is due to Catholics failing to stand up for their beliefs, … Continue reading

The Chicago Reader Blasphemy

The funny papers are not always funny. This is apparent from a horribly offensive anti-Catholic comic strip appearing in The Chicago Reader. In response, the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property (TFP) is launching, through its … Continue reading

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