1,049 Reasons to Oppose Same-Sex “Marriage”

In the continuing debate on same-sex “marriage,” proponents commonly highlight the 1,049 benefits extended by the federal government to couples united in marriage. They claim that such benefits and those of the states should also be extended to homosexual couples. … Continue reading

Defiling the Virgin Mary and the Pope

  It is not easy to stop blasphemy. Those who ridicule the Faith are relentless in their depictions. The Comedy Central show, “South Park” is one such offender. Its shows are constantly pushing beyond the limits of decency. Moreover, they … Continue reading

Students Take Protests to Cities

The TFP-staffed St. Louis de Montfort Academy just finished classes for the year, but a group of seven students will not spend their summers lounging on the couch. Led by TFP member Mathew Shibler, they are traveling across the nation … Continue reading

Protest a Blasphemous New York Play

While the Incarnation is one of the most sublime expression of God’s love for men, it is also the object of the most base blasphemies. The latest addition to this trend is a current off-Broadway play called “Mary, Like a … Continue reading

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