NO! to Dogma on Video

The anti-blasphemy fight continues as the TFP launches a huge protest against Sony’s Columbia Tristar Home Video for producing and distributing the blasphemous movie Dogma on video and DVD. Dogma portrays a supposed descendant of Holy Mary and St. Joseph … Continue reading

Fight to Save Traditional Marriage

America Needs Fatima members in California worked hard to promote Prop 22, a proposition on the March 7 ballot, which guarantees that “only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California,” and to save California … Continue reading

A Milestone and a Crossroads – 2000

As we begin the year 2000, the contrast with the early years of the twentieth century could not be more striking. The America of 1900 was a young, vibrant nation full of large healthy families and teeming with immigrants from … Continue reading