Luchando por el Alma de América

    Luchando por el Alma de América El “matrimonio” homosexual amenaza a nuestra nación y nuestra Fe—TFP impulsa resistencia legal y de conciencia   Dentro de la perspectiva de la Guerra Cultural de la nación, los Americanos sentimos toda … Continue reading

Battling for America’s Soul

    Battling for America’s Soul How Homosexual “Marriage” Threatens Our Nation and Faith—the TFP Urges Lawful and Conscientious Resistance   Within the perspective of the nation’s Cultural War, Americans felt the full force of two actions favoring the homosexual … Continue reading

Preferential Option… What Is It?

Preferential option for the nobility. At first glance this expression may startle readers familiar with the more common phrase often used by Pope John Paul II: “preferential option for the poor.” Nevertheless, what inspires this book is precisely a preferential … Continue reading

Anti-Abortion Section

March for Life 2006 A cold penetrating rain poured down on the night before the March for Life. No doubt many anti-abortion Americans looked at the bleak weather forecast and wondered what the next day’s march would bring. Some might … Continue reading

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