Public Square Rosary

The Public Square Rosary campaign began with a discussion about commemorating the 90th anniversary of the last apparition at Fatima when Our Lady performed the Miracle of the Sun. Its organizers tried to think of a special way to celebrate this anniversary. The idea of holding a yearly rosary in a public place seemed a natural response to the Fatima call for conversion, penance and prayer. On October 13, 2007, over 2,100 Public Square Rosary Rallies were held in public squares, busy intersections, city parks, in front of town halls or local abortion clinics all across America. The rallies have grown immenselysince that time, with 14,197 rallies in 2015.

1,000 Rosary Rally Captains — Help Needed

The target date is October 13 and the goal is two thousand Public Square Rosary rallies nationwide. At the campaign headquarters near Topeka, Kans., coordinator Francis Slobodnik announced that they had reached a milestone of 1,000 Rosary Rally Captains nationwide … Continue reading

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