Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira

Three Faces of the Revolution

As we have demonstrated so many times, the Protestant Revolt of the sixteenth century, the French Revolution, and the Communist Revolution constitute the three phases of the same immense movement, united in spirit, objectives and even methods. By analyzing the … Continue reading

Mohammed’s Rebirth

(The following article appeared in the Brazilian Catholic newspaper, Legionário, on June 15th, 1947. The author speaks with amazing insight about the rise of Islam and makes observations that are very applicable to our days. We have translated and adapted … Continue reading

The Epic Spirit

We need to define what we mean by epopee and the epic spirit well. Epopee is the marvelous, not only the aesthetic marvelous but the marvelous placed in battle array and exposed to risk, even imminent risk. Epopee is the … Continue reading


A magistrate has a dignity that is proper to him that a servant does not have. Dignity and mutual respect in dealing with men make social life bearable and even agreeable. Because of the sad consequences of Original Sin coupled … Continue reading

What is Christian Civilization?

The course of history, contrary to the claims of so many philosophers and sociologists, is not traced exclusively or preponderantly by the dictates of matter over men. Without a doubt these have their influence in human action but the direction … Continue reading

Faith Brings Harmony to Family, Society and State

I believe that the patriarchal society, like everything that exists in this valley of tears, becomes stronger over time, in proportion to its existence and production. However, at the same time, it grows older and older. Both institutions and families … Continue reading

The Concept of Universals

We should seek the universality of things and not just limit ourselves to the immediate thing at hand. If we do not form an idea of the entirety of something, of its universality coupled with all its hierarchical values, we … Continue reading

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