The Iranian Game

The Iranian Game 2

No one writes or speaks about the obvious. It jumps right out at you. It imposes itself like a hard fact. It needs no descriptions or commentaries. An acute observer discerns a reality (a person, a situation, a thing) at the very moment it rises on the faraway horizon. An ordinary observer … Read more

At Mrs. Edeltrudes’

At Mrs. Edeltrudes’ 2

The French Revolution numbers among her antiquated enthusiasms. Lafayette, Mirabeau, Danton, Marat, Robespierre—she jumbles them all in the same feverish admiration. She still rants against the bloodthirsty rage of Louis XVI and the bacchanalia of Marie Antoinette. She is sure that when the Bastille was taken, it was found to be crammed … Read more

The Nothing That May Result In Everything

The Nothing That May Result In Everything 2

The precise evaluation of the importance of an event can only rarely be achieved by the employing of just one criterion. Much more than this is normally required. In fact, it behooves one to consider all of the criteria applicable to the case, in order to be able to arrange them immediately … Read more

What Exactly Is an Anti-Communist?

What Exactly Is an Anti-Communist? 1

What exactly is an anti-communist? This is a question which appears to be so simple of resolution as to border on being foolish. However, there are different ways in which it may be answered. If we consider only the two most common responses to it being given nowadays, we should see that … Read more

Whatever Budapest Wants

Whatever Budapest Wants

On the basis of the memoirs of Cardinal Mindszenty published in The Sunday Telegraph, I wrote last Sunday about the simultaneous moves of Paul VI and Nixon, carried out according to the imperative desire of the Communist government of Budapest, in order to uproot the glorious Prelate from Hungarian soil. I described … Read more

The Vatican Policy of Détente with Communist Governments – Should the TFPs Stand Down? Or Should They Resist?

The Vatican Policy of Détente with Communist Governments – Should the TFPs Stand Down? Or Should They Resist?

The following document was written by the late Prof. Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira, founder of the Brazilian Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property. In April 10, 1974, it was published with good results in the major newspapers of South America, because it provided a balanced, vigorously studied and wise answer to the most perplexing question of its day: what was the right position to take in face of the Vatican policy of détente with Communist regimes?

Thou Who Didst Know the Example

Thou Who Didst Know the Example 2

There is no one in the Catholic world who has not heard of the famous Marian shrine of Czestochowa in Poland. Because of the continuous flow of pilgrims to it, which the disgusting campaign of the atheists has not managed to reduce, the shrine was usually so full that the Catholic population … Read more

The “Good Fellow”

The “Good Fellow” 1

When in 1971 the U.N. expelled Taiwan and accepted Red China as a member, a general consensus of appeasement swept over the world, infecting minds with forgetfulness of the horrors of Communism. As something quite similar is taking place today with the United States normalizing trade with China, we thought it advantageous … Read more

The Hoax Of Atheistic Communism

The Hoax Of Atheistic Communism 2

“History is the tutor of life,” said Cicero. Nothing is more useful for the understanding of certain of the liveliest aspects of modern reality than the study of analogous situations of the past. Heresies, as is well-known, rose up one after the other during the whole twenty centuries of the history of … Read more

Stop and See

Stop and See 2

I could not resist. My original intention was to write about some other theme, such as the internal crisis of the Church, but I felt that there were no conditions for such a subject either in myself or in those around me. At the same time, as if from the depth of … Read more