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Fatima Car Shrine In January of this year, a young man hit me from behind with his car and com- pletely destroyed the trunk of my car (as a result, my car was totaled by the insurance company). By the grace of God, the protection of the Blessed Mother, and that car shrine you sent me (which I had on the visor above my head), all I hurt was my left leg below the knee which got a big lump. I had put the car shrine in my car right away when I got it from you!

B. C., Houston, Texas


Saint Benedict Medal

Many thanks for the beautiful St. Benedict medal. I know what a treasure it is! It is so powerful. God bless you all for what you do for our Heavenly Mother.

B. F., Plattsburgh, N.Y.

I have to thank you for the Saint Benedict medal. I really like what it stands for, everyone should have this blessed medal. The evil forces of Satan are all over, and we need to do Our Lady’s work. I will keep the medal close and I will protect it, and like you said, keep Satan’s forces away. I thank you again!

I.T., Ontario, Calif.

This is a most favorite gift from you! I appreciate this—so many family members need one! I also loved the 100th Anniversary Fatima rosary you sent me. I pray 15 decades daily!

P. S., Houston, Texas

Thank you for spreading the spirituality of Saint Benedict. I am a Benedictine Oblate of Saint An- drews. I wear the Saint Benedict Medal 24/7 as do many of my friends. Our world needs daily rosaries and works of mercy. The Crusade Magazine is a blessing! I share it with many others.

G. P., Simi Valley, Calif.

Thank you for this blessed sacramental and the ex- planation of the spiritual armor attached to it. I will cherish Saint Benedict’s Medal!

M. C., Pottstown, Pa.

I didn’t realize it, but I received a miracle using this medal. I was cured of St. Vitus Dance (where my right side—arms, legs, face—did involuntary mo- tions). I was cured! Praised be St. Benedict! Please send me more medals to distribute to my friends.

C. A., Westminster, Md.

For 20 years I had a medal of Saint Benedict at my front door, seeking the protection which he gave in great quantities to me. Thank you for this new one, as, over time with the moving of residences, somehow my old one got misplaced. At 80 years old, I am still in need of this Saint’s guidance and protection. God bless you all for your good work.

L. K., New Bern, N.C.

Thank you for my medal. I’m wearing it now as I send you this note. I’m praying for you and all our country—the times we live in are truly evil, but we have Our Lord’s arms around us!

L. S., Evansville, Ind.

The Book of Confidence

We really appreciate your new edition of The Book of Confidence , and our extended family will be sure to read it! We appreciate also all your cor- respondence with us in the past, and we pray for the greatest possible success in your holy mission to stand for God’s wonderful Truth, Love, and Beauty as you say all those rosaries during your many rallies, and as you pray and work to bring souls to the practices of our Catholic Faith! God bless each of you!!!

M.O., Washington, D.C.

I received The Book of Confidence —thank you very much, I have enjoyed reading it! Brother Robert, my strength is not good and I am not in the best of health, but by reading this book, it gives me strength through the mercies of Almighty God. May God bless you richly.

R.J., Elmont, N.Y.

I am 87 years old and of all the books I’ve read this one without a doubt uplifted my spirit as no words can explain. The part “Trusting through the dark night” is God’s blessing for me.

J.M., Tomkins Cove, N.Y.

I read The Book of Confidence and have no words to express how valuable it is. I am dedi- cating it to my grandson and passing it on to him.

H.R., Bayamon, P.R.

For a long time, you’ve been sending me these nice pic- tures of Jesus, Mary, and now this Saint Benedict medal— thank you for all these things! I wanted to tell you, about that book called The Book of Confidence you sent: you know, I loved that book so much that I would read it as soon as I came home every day, in fact, I couldn’t wait to get home every day to con- tinue reading. I finished it! I really enjoyed reading it.

A.C., Fresno, Calif.

Thank you for this book. It’s terrific! And so read- able! Also, your recent magazine about the satanic evil going on in Oklahoma and Texas is frighten- ing. I passed it on to others to read.

M.L., Dubuque, Iowa

I have read The Book of Confidence . It is well writ- ten and reads so much as I also think. Easy to ab- sorb and understand, too. When I have completed reading it a second time, I intend to add it to the church library. Many others should also get a chance to read it.

E.R., Clinton, Okla.

Thank you for sending me The Book of Confidence . This book has enriched my love of Jesus and all my prayers to help me to build my trust and confi- dence in Him!

R.B., Natick, Mass.

The Book of Confidence is such a blessing—my prayer habits and my faith have increased tremen- dously, as have my blessings.

S.R., La Place, La.

This book is certainly a treasure! I’m starting my “second read,” I liked it so much.

C.B., Bell, Fla.

Robert: This book is a godsend. I certainly would like many of my fellow church parishioners to read it. I am 85 years old and do not read very much, but when I started reading this book, I had to read and re-read it. It’s very inspirational. Thanks so much. May God bless you and all those around you.

J.S., Jeannette, Penn.

I have the earlier version of this book which I pur- chased many years ago. It helped me through a very difficult time and I read it periodically to give myself a boost. God bless you for sending out this valuable book. It will help many people!!

K.G., Saratoga, Calif.

To order your own copy of The Book of Confidence , call (888) 317-5571.

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