Brazil says NO to Gun Control

Brazil says NO to Gun Control

The international left was monitoring with great expectations the results of Brazil’s weekend referendum on a nationwide ban on the sale of guns and ammunition. A Yes vote would have been celebrated as a victory for gun control not only in Brazil but worldwide. However, to the dismay of the left, the … Read more

The Errors of an Epoch

The Errors of an Epoch

On a recent visit to Latvia, President Bush denounced the negotiations in Yalta, which abandoned Eastern Europe to the Soviet Union towards the end of World War II. He stated: The agreement at Yalta followed in the unjust tradition of Munich and the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact. Once again, when powerful governments negotiated, the … Read more

“Getting a Life?”

Much has been said about Laura Bush’s performance at the annual White House Correspondents’ Dinner. Many were appalled by the ribald and bawdy remarks that seemed to target the very values that values voters hold dear. Others, however, were only too happy to dismiss the comic act as a masterly public relations … Read more

Sister Lucy’s Death: Moment of Mourning and Hope

Sister Lucy’s Death: Moment of Mourning and Hope 1

The news of Sister Lucy’s death caused deep emotion in the devotees of Our Lady of Fatima across the globe. She was the last remaining seer of the apparitions of Our Lady at Fatima in 1917, the greatest supernatural happening of the twentieth century, and one of the most important events in … Read more

Forgotten Honor

Forgotten Honor

Before the 2004 elections fade into history, it is good to remember that moral values were only part of the wining equation. There was another factor, indeed another moral value, which was all too quickly forgotten: honor. It was the honor of the Vietnam veterans that suddenly entered into the debate. They … Read more

America Needs Fatima Says: Free Kids from Online Pornography

America Needs Fatima Says: Free Kids from Online Pornography 2

When the Supreme Court extended an injunction against the enforcement of the Child Online Protection Act (COPA), it also guaranteed the access by innocent children to online porn. Internet pornographers were handed a victory and the opportunity to corrupt American youth with no fines or consequences. In answer to the decision, America … Read more

A Great Moral Battle Brews in America

A Great Moral Battle Brews in America 1

Among the many surprises that will mark 2004 is the fact that a gripping film about Our Lord, “The Passion of the Christ,” dominated the movie screens and humbled Hollywood producers by breaking box-office records. Perhaps even surprising, however, is the current debate over who may or may not receive the Body … Read more

Krakow Says NO!

Krakow Says NO! 1

The city of Krakow would seem to be an unlikely place for a heated debate over homosexual “rights” and same-sex “marriage.” Poland’s cultural capital is situated in a conservative region in this overwhelmingly Catholic country. The city’s homosexual population is minute and insignificant. Indeed the issue has been largely ignored by Polish … Read more

Where Intolerance Reigns: Leftist Outrage In Venezuela

Where Intolerance Reigns: Leftist Outrage In Venezuela 1

Sacrilegious attacks against statues of Our Lady by the followers of President Chávez make patent the link between the radical left and a Satanic hatred. The acts mentioned in this article are so shocking that if they were not so well documented, one would doubt their authenticity. Normally acts of this nature … Read more

Armed and Unharmed

Armed and Unharmed 4

Prof. Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira once wrote, that the modern world suffers under the influence of those who wish “to underestimate or deny the notions of good and evil, Original Sin, and the Redemption.” This accomplished, individual culpability and the very concept of justice would fall by the wayside. Today, the gun … Read more