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Krakow Says NO!

The city of Krakow would seem to be an unlikely place for a heated debate over homosexual “rights” and same-sex “marriage.” Poland’s cultural capital is situated in a conservative region in this overwhelmingly Catholic country. The city’s homosexual population is … Continue reading

A Great Moral Battle Brews in America

Among the many surprises that will mark 2004 is the fact that a gripping film about Our Lord, “The Passion of the Christ,” dominated the movie screens and humbled Hollywood producers by breaking box-office records. Perhaps even surprising, however, is … Continue reading

Not Only Cows are Mad

There was a time when farmers were really farmers. They were not international businessmen who would send their products half way across the globe. They did provide the local area with quality food. With plenty of hard work and ingenuity, … Continue reading

The Experience Economy

In today’s vibrant, whirling economy, everything money or easy-credit can buy is almost instantly available. Abundant goods and services promise happiness. There seems to be no limit on what can be acquired-yet, consumer satisfaction is still illusive. Today many economic … Continue reading

The Enemy Within

We know the Taliban and al-Qaeda terrorists, the radical Islamic fundamentalist and the suicide bomber. September 11 has engraved these images of the enemy all too well in our minds. However, as we contemplate the next phase of the war … Continue reading

Out of the Shadows

As the setting sun disappeared over the horizon, the farmer wiped the sweat from his brow looking at the irrigation system he built to water his oranges. He smiled with a note of satisfaction. He had worked hard, for he … Continue reading

TFP Analyzes: A Psywar Against Order

We are faced with the nation’s first postmodern war It is a war of networks against nations, begun with irrational acts that defy the rational imagination. It is a holy war where one side is secular, and a struggle for … Continue reading

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