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What the 2006 Elections Were Not

What the 2006 Elections Were Not While many discuss what the 2006 elections represented, perhaps it is better to discuss what the elections did not represent. The 2006 elections were not about voter satisfaction. They reflected unrest and uncertainty about … Continue reading

Bolivia: The Next Cuba?

As the chasm separating Latin American nations deepens, worrisome events in Bolivia reveal how the dictator-rulers of Cuba and Venezuela operate. To understand the Bolivian situation, it helps to look over the Latin American scene and analyze the roles of … Continue reading

Peace, Peace, and There Is No Peace: Jeremais 6:14

Peace, peace: and There is no Peace” Jeremias, 6:14 Luiz Sérgio Solimeo. We live in apocalyptic times. Natural catastrophes come in succession, joining the sinister cortege of wars, terrorist attacks, and huge increases in crime. Indeed in some countries crime has … Continue reading

Embryonic Stem Cell Delirium

Most have already seen the stem cell news stories. A handicapped person is shown in a wheelchair suffering from his malady. The picture changes to a laboratory where research is taking place. The message: embryonic stem cell research will cure … Continue reading

The Innocent Suffer and the Guilty Go Free?

The Innocent Suffer and the Guilty Go Free? In state legislatures across the nation, a mania is spreading to introduce bills to lift or extend retroactively statutes of limitations related to sexual abuse. The bills will permit thousands of civil … Continue reading


American soldiers face the prospect of serious injury and death with unflinching courage. Their existence within a nation dominated by a self centered “me culture” is yet another paradox which can be found “only in America.” When Todd Beamer boarded … Continue reading

The War of Words: What is an Insurgent?

It is said a picture is worth a thousand words, but a well chosen word can make an otherwise clear picture, quite obscure. This became very evident for me recently as I read an Associated Press article1 about how 76 … Continue reading

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