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Marriage Campaign Blog

Sept 17 – Bakersfield

Thus far, Bakersfield is the city where the most people honked their horns in support of traditional marriage; bus drivers, policemen, fire trucks, cars, even pedestrians on the sidewalk found a way to honk for true marriage. We simply received … Continue reading

Sept 16 – Fresno State University

While visiting college campuses, we’ve found that access to “free speech” areas are not always so free, at least to opinions which promote virtue and reject sin as our current campaign for traditional marriage does. Perhaps “controlled speech” areas would … Continue reading

Sept 13 – Fresno

Fresno was extremely receptive to the message of traditional marriage. The owner of a Mexican restaurant treated us to hearty breakfast; huevos rancheros, bacon and other tasty dishes, a good start for a full day of campaigning. We set up … Continue reading

Sept 14 – Sequoia National Park

When you see the famous Sequoias, their grandeur instantly inspires you to think of their Creator. Their massive size and superior beauty speak of the blessings God has bestowed on our great nation. For many of us it was the … Continue reading

Sept 12 – Monterey

This morning our host family made us a hearty breakfast and some of the best omelets west of the Mississippi. With renewed energy, we made our way to Monterey, and after receiving Holy Communion at the Cathedral, our souls were … Continue reading

Sept 11 – Carmel

Carmel is a quaint, well-to-do town on the Pacific shoreline, a famous vacation spot, with expensive restaurants, art galleries and such. But more importantly, it is a gem of Catholic heritage where Blessed Junipero Sierra established one of the twenty-one … Continue reading

Sept 10 – Stanford University and Palo Alto

With memories of UC Berkeley still fresh in our minds, we headed off to Stanford University. Its imposing buildings and manicured gardens are worth seeing. Since classes had not fully started, people were sparse. However, we gave out some traditional … Continue reading

Sept 9 – San Jose

I am writing after a great campaign in San Jose, where we spent our time rallying support for traditional marriage at a very busy four-way intersection. Eight lanes of traffic moved on one side and six on the other. In … Continue reading

Sept 8 – Burning in Berkeley [VIDEO]

Sather Gate, University of California – Berkeley He looked at the flier and froze like a statue for a few long seconds. “Are you sure you know where you are?” asked the student. “Yes, of course,” I answered as I … Continue reading

Sept 7 – San Rafael

We were fortunate to attend a Latin Mass and Benediction today at Saint Vincent’s, a beautiful Church north of San Rafael. Before the homily, Father was kind enough to announce that pro-traditional marriage fliers outlining the Church’s position would be … Continue reading

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