Fighting the Culture War


It was a cool, crisp morning as I drove down a Pennsylvania back road on the way to my first fox hunt. The sky was clear and blue, and the bright sunshine illuminating the frost-covered field brought an agreeable white … Continue reading

Trooping the Colors at Brown University

There is something about toy soldiers that brings out the boy in every man. Before toys became genderless and pacifistic, the toy soldier was the mainstay of countless boyhood games. How many boys marched their soldiers into battle, staged mock … Continue reading

Gone with the Wind?

“Sunday morning’s Mass was absolutely magical for me,” said Cindy Lambert, an office manager in New Orleans who portrays a nun in Civil War reenactments. “In all the years we have [reenacted], this is the first time we had a … Continue reading

“Icon of the Heavenly Jerusalem”

Priests, Architects, members of liturgical councils and parishioners gathered in Mundelein, Illinois to discuss how a Church will look in 2010. What most people want is beauty! Building a Domus Dei “I was in awe. In every direction I looked, … Continue reading

The Third Place

The informal gathering place provides a way for many Americans to survive their hectic daily lives. Ladies have their tearooms, but many men have found a solution also. Years ago, I had the chance to visit Italy. I loved my … Continue reading

Tea Rooms

What impressed me were the details, those little touches that created an ambience and put me at ease. Here was a calm spot away from the crowded fast-food places, where one is not an anonymous person dashing down a meal. … Continue reading

“Bodies Revealed” – A Cruel Mockery

There was a time when skinning a person alive was considered the ultimate barbarity. Today, skinning a person dead is considered “educational.” It is not without dismay that we have, for some time now, seen the news of exhibits of … Continue reading

Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira: His Early Years

On the anniversary of the birth of Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira, founder of the Brazilian TFP and inspirer of TFP sister organizations around the world, the American TFP web site offers its readers a biographical sketch of this man who … Continue reading

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