Fighting the Culture War

Defending the Citadel of Marriage

It is one of those strange contradictions of the liberals that they change their position when it suits them. It was back in the sixties when they began their brutal attack on marriage. Feminists hated the institution because they said … Continue reading

Evolution: The Lonely Dinosaur

Some biologists teach that all dinosaurs became extinct because they simply could not adapt to the dramatic climate changes that shook the earth at that time. According to the dogma of “survival of the fittest,” the demise of the dinosaurs … Continue reading

Home Depot Pushes Homosexual Sin to Children

According to news reports from the American Family Association •  In the 2010 annual homosexual pride festival of Central Pennsylvania, Home Depot had workshops geared towards children •  An “OK Gay Daddy” hosted The Home Depot workshop for children •  … Continue reading

When Does a Soldier Become Expendable?

How much is the life of an American soldier worth? When does a soldier become expendable? Those are the questions we need to ask in the coming days. A wounded soldier in Afghanistan will find himself airlifted half way around … Continue reading

Protest Against Satanic “Exorcism”

On Thursday, October 21 a public satanic ritual was performed at the Civic Center in Oklahoma City, Okla. The ritual was billed as a mockery of the Catholic Rite of Exorcism rather than what it really was—a satanic ceremony performed … Continue reading

A Society Without Elites is a Socialist Society

We are witnessing a surge of popular outrage and even revulsion against an onslaught of ideologically liberal changes affecting the lives of millions of Americans. This outrage is fueled, among other things, by the following: decisions of activist judges favoring … Continue reading

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